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Professional Pages

      Twenty-two years of teaching in Costa Rica, Argentina and Oklahoma.


My Backpacking Career

Fourteen countries by boot and machete.


Walking the Darien Gap

Out of space. Out of time. Scary as Hell. Stay away.


Backpacking Dreams

Some day. I promise.


Photos of Latin America 2003-2011

Mountains and jungles and ruins, oh my!


Essays on Teaching

Essays on Travel

Essays on Culture


God. Country. Family.

Jungles. Mountains. Forests.

Books. Bikes. Tents.  




Fun Facts

Oil Painting



Rocky Mountain Camping 2012

Winter Camping 2012



US History Updates


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Updated  March 28, 2015

Personal Pages

What I am and what I have done.


Six Men and the Jungle

Teacher and students get real in the jungle.


Two Men And the Jungle

Two teachers get real in the jungle. 


One Man and the Jungle

One man gets real in the jungle.


Photos of Latin America 1983-2003

Some wild and weird climes.


Essays on History And Politics

Essays on Philosophy and Theology

The Art of Writing