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Professional Pages

My 19 years as a teacher in Latin America

and the United States.

My Backpacking Career

Fourteen countries on foot.

Photos of Latin America 2003-2011

Solo backpacking mountains and jungles.

Essays on Teaching

Essays on Travel

Essays on Culture



Fun Facts

Oil Painting




Guatemala 2010-2011

Dream Sabbatical

Rocky Mountain Camping 2012

Winter Camping 2012

God. Country. Family.

Mountains. Jungles. Books.

Trucks. Guns. Guitars.

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Updated July 26, 2013

Personal Pages

What I am and what I have done:

Here, There and Everywhere.

Six Men and the Jungle

Teacher and students get real in the wild.

Photos of Latin America 1983-2003

Some wild and weird climes.

Essays on History

Essays on Philosophy and Theology

The Art of Writing