PASS Skills for 8th Grade Social Studies


 Students in 8th grade Social Studies at ICMS will understand

and be able to converse and write about the following:


The causes of the French and Indian War.


The importance of the Ohio Valley to the English, the colonists and the Indians.

The allies of both the French and British.


George Washington and the war.

New France.

Why the British won and why the French lost.


The Treaty of Paris (1763)

The British desire to tax the colonists.


The Proclamation of 1763.

The Townsend Acts.


The Sons of Liberty.

The Boston Massacre.


The Intolerable Acts.

Lexington and Concord.


Ethan Allen.

Fort Ticonderoga.


The Continental Army.

The importance of George Washington.


British strengths and weaknesses.

Patriot strengths and weaknesses.


Bunker Hill

The Patriot desire to conquer Canada.


Thomas Paine.

The Declaration of Independence.


Thomas Jefferson.

Trenton and Princeton.



French intervention.


Valley Forge.

George Rogers Clark.


John Paul Jones.

Blacks and the Revolution.



Treaty of Paris (1783).


Articles of Confederation.

Shays Rebellion.


Northwest Ordinance.

Constitutional Convention.


Virginia and New Jersey Plans.

Three-Fifths Compromise.


The Great Compromise.

The US Constitution.


Checks and Balances.

Separation of Powers.


The Bill of Rights.

Benjamin Franklin.


Federalist Papers.

Alexander Hamilton.



Washington’s Presidency (1789-1796).


The Formation of Political Parties.

The Presidency of John Adams.


John Marshall.

Marbury v. Madison.


The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815.)

The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.



Barbary Pirates.


The War of 1812.

The Age of Andrew Jackson.


Indian Removal.

The Nullification Crisis and States Rights.


Calhoun, Webster and Clay.

North and South: Economies.



Manifest Destiny.


Monroe Doctrine.

Second Great Awakening.


Texas and the Alamo.

The War with Mexico (1846-1848).



The Mormons.


The Indian Wars 1850s-1870s.

North and South: ante-bellum Societies.


Westward Expansion.


California and Oregon.

Compromise of 1850.


Dred Scott.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


Kansas Nebraska Act.

John Brown and the Abolitionists.

North and South: Politics.


The Election of 1860.

Abraham Lincoln.


Secession and Civil War.

Southern Militarists: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Jeb Stuart, Stonewall Jackson.


The Naval War.

Foreign Policies North and South.


Northern Militarists: George McClellan, Sherman, Grant, Sheridan.

Bull Run, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Sherman’s March to the Sea.


Emancipation Proclamation (1863).


The Election of 1864.

Appomattox (1865).

Reconstruction (1865-1877).


Constitutional Amendments 13, 14, 15.


Andrew Johnson and Impeachment.


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