8th Grade Social Studies

2016 - 2017

Class Expectations

1. Students will be at their desks when the second bell rings.

2. Each student must be prepared for class with pens, pencils, paper, text, planner and notebook. 

3. No electronics of any kind are allowed.

4. Any breach of these will result in a 'U' for conduct.

Class Etiquette

1. Students who are tardy for any reason must have a pass to be admitted.

2. Student nearest the door will greet any visitors.

3. Students will stand when any adult enters the classroom. 

Course Outline

1. We will follow the Oklahoma  State Department of Education standards for 8th grade US History, from the French and Indian War (1756 1763) until the end of Reconstruction (1877), chapters 5 - 18.


1. There will be 10 minute essay quizzes twice or three times a week.

2. A 'snap quiz' will occurr from time to time covering the material discussed on that day in class.

3. Students may use their notes for any quiz.


1. All students must take notes of all relevant material from the readings and class discussions.

2. The notes will be collected and graded several times a semester.


1. Exams will consist of multiple choice questions, essays and vocabulary.

2. Exams will be announced one week ahead.  


1. Missing work must be made up upon return to class.

2. Students who are absent must contact me or another students about missing classwork.


1. All writing will be graded for content, spelling, grammar and legibility.

2. I will not give out grades during the school day but will do so during my after school study hall.

3. Exams---60 percent. Quizzes---40 percent.  


1. All the latest information about quizzes, exams, weekly content and commentary concerning ICMS 8th Grade US History will be found here.


 This page will be updated several times a week. The latest entry will be at the top of the page.

2. Weekly e-mails will be sent covering the course content, quizzes and exams.


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