Ancient History

Mr. Austin

March 2002  



I.          Identification—40 points.  (I will choose two.)


          1.   mos maiorum                                   12. Archimedes

          2.   Etruscans                                         13.  Scipio Major

          3.   Scipio Minor                                      14.  Octavian

          4.   Alea iacta est.                                   15.  Gaul

          5.   Tribune                                             16.  Marius

          6.   cursus honorum                                17.  the Gracchi

          7.   Pyrrhus                                             18.  Crassus

          8.   Saguntum                                          19.  Spartacus

          9.   Fabius Maximus Cunctator                  21.  Pompey

          10. Hamilcar                                            21.  Sulla

          11. Cato the Elder                                   22.  Philip V



II.             Essay—60 points. (I will choose one.)


1.           Explain the significance of “Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit.” Use specific examples to prove your points.  

2.          Explain the breakdown of the Republic as a result of the ambitions of military dynasts. Use specific examples to prove your points.


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