May 18, 2003

A World Gone Islamic

In less than one week there have been four terror suicide bombings: in Saudi Arabia, in Morocco, in Israel. The greatest number of victims have been Arabs---Moslems killing Moslems. To what end all this violence? Could some Moslem tell me the strategic plan behind all of this blood and suicide and immolation and horror and violence?

That is impossible. The killing is the strategic plan. To blast to pieces a bus full of Israelis; to slit the throat of a Moroccan doorman; to shoot to death a Saudi security guard: these were ends in themselves. There is no other goal. There can be no other goal, for Islam is sterile and decayed. It is in its death throes, and like an enraged beast it strikes out where it can at whomever it can. One might as well expect a corpse to swim as to look for some good from Islam to outweigh the evil that spews forth from it.

(And let us not have any of that silly and lachrymose sentiment that claims Islam brings much good to people. There is nothing particularly Islamic about this. Any religion offers it. Zoroastrianism offers it.)

Is there any invention that has come out of Islam in 500 years? Any medical discoveries? Anything to improve the human condition? Advances in Chemistry or Physics or Biology or Mathematics or Astronomy? Anything in Sociology or History or Education or Psychology or Economics? 

So what does Islam offer the world? Well, let us look at all Islamic nations and see what all more or less have in common: poverty, disease, tyranny, misogyny, illiteracy, terror cells, obscurantist theology, violence, corruption, sterility, ignorance, Jew hatred. The total exports of the Arab part of Islam would scarcely equal the output of tiny Finland. Islamic law busies itself with mutilating thieves, beheading women and stoning to death blasphemers. While the Vatican and Paris and London and New York are open to everyone, any non-Moslem caught in Mecca or Medina would be murdered. Few Moslem nations can even supply clean water to their people. It is exactly as C.S. Lewis said, that "horrible religions make horrible nations."

In the world of Islam it is dog-eat-dog, a world gone nuts and mad and spooky with crazed theology and murderous intent: Iraq invades Iran and Kuwait---all three are Islamic states; Algeria murders 200,000 of its own---all Moslems; half of the Sudan---the Moslem north---literally enslaves the other half---the Christian south; The Moslem Taliban terrorized an entire Moslem nation---Afghanistan; Moslem al-Qaeda makes war upon the spiritual center of Islam itself, Saudi Arabia; Islamic Somalia is at war with itself and with Islamic Eritrea---and both of these Hobbesian nightmares join with their Moslem brothers in the Sudan to sexually mutilate their adolescent girls; Moslem Syria sponsors terror brigades in whatever is left of Moslem and Christian Lebanon; Moslem Turks slaughter Moslem Kurds; Sunni hates Shiite; Palestinian mothers exult when their sons and daughters march off to the oblivion of suicide bombing; and on and on and on---always more blood, always more terror, always more degradation. In almost every part of our globe wherever there is violence you can bet that one or both of the parties is a Moslem group or nation. 

The only thing that unites these grotesqueries is their stupefying and mind-boggling hatred for Jews. But can any Moslem nation imagine a world where every Jew has been destroyed? What would they do then? Would they suddenly all bring clean water and freedom and wealth and hygiene and happiness and peace and blooming deserts to their people? Hardly. They would do what they have always done for 1000 years: slaughter other Moslems.

And what must certainly be humiliating to bear is the knowledge that Moslem political society has no mechanism to prevent this killing. The result is that the US, a Christian nation, has become the savior of Moslems in Kuwait, in Somalia, in Kosovo, in Iraq. Without the US Moslem history would be even more incarnadined. And the response from the Moslem world when the US saves untold millions of Moslems from murder and famine and poverty and tyranny? She is bombed; her embassies are destroyed; her people are murdered; her buildings are demolished; her airplanes are bombed out of the sky; she is called 'the Great Satan;' and at every instance of this terrorism Islamic rabble dance in the street. 

For those of you who disagree with the above, imagine the entire world Islamic. Where would you fit in? What would Islam have in store for you? It murders Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists and agnostics and surfers and disco habitués and businessman and children and guards and pizza lovers and airline passengers and diplomats and diplomats' wives and diplomats' children and teachers and writers and missionaries and stewardesses and professors and journalists and free thinkers. Islam builds nothing yet blows to smithereens busses and schools and synagogues and churches and skyscrapers and houses and buildings and embassies and cemeteries and cars and ships and planes. 

I wonder what the average Moslem thinks when he strolls into a relic from his own past---the Blue Mosque for example. There is hardly anything built by human hands as stunningly beautiful as that. Yet modern Islam can no more design and build its equal than it can design and build a sewer or light bulb or running shoe. The Blue Mosque was built by Moslems 400 years ago. What has happened since? Why is Islam so mentally and spiritually and materially impoverished? And why is it so bloody? And why do so few Moslems speak out against its bloodshed and terror and violence?


December 31, 2003

Islam and World Conquest

World Headlines One

Moslems based in Libya seize US ships and hold their crews for ransom. The US president sends the navy to blockade the Libyan coast and to bombard Libyan military installations. US Marines then attack and take the Moslem capital.


When did this occur? In 1801 Moslem pirates based in Libya declared war upon the US because that fledgling nation refused to send more money for tribute. President Jefferson sent the military and the problem was solved. Thus the Marine Corps anthem, " the shores of Tripoli."

World Headlines Two

Islamic assassins murder in secret and in public an entire range of both Western and Moslem leaders. Terrorist attacks on Western outposts are a continuous threat. Suicide attacks are common.  Potential recruits are promised a life filled with virgins and wine after they die. Bases of these fanatical killers were in Iran and Syria.


When did these events occur? The highly secretive group of Assassins (perhaps from the word hashish, as the moslem killers allegedly used the drug) was formed in Iran in the 1090s AD. These early Islamic fanatics sowed murder and terror throughout the Middle East. The sect was exterminated by the Mongols c. 1250 AD.

World Headlines Three

Fed up with Islamic attacks on Western cities, a coalition of Western nations froms to defeat the Moslems. Surprisingly the Moslems suffer a catastophic, rapid and unexpected defeat, leaving the entire world amazed at the Western victory.


When did these events occur? In 1571 a group of Western nations organized and commanded by Spain engaged the Turkish navy at Lepanto. The Moslem Turks were defeated and 30,000 Christian slaves were liberated. Cervantes fought in this battle.


You see my point. All of the above seem to have come from any newspaper of today. Now recall all of the reasons given by the those after 9/11 who were against  the war on terror. "We were attacked because of American support of Israel!" shrieked some. Others sniffed that the US deserved the attack because of all of her meddling in the Middle East. Some claimed that Islam was only responding to Western imperialism and that Islamic grievances were thus justified.


Some History, please. All of the above events occured before the US had any interests in the Middle East, all were before the 1947 formation of the state of Israel, and all of the above Western military responses were defensive in nature and were the result of unprovoked Moslem attacks.


Some (more) History, please. From its foundation Islam began to attack the West long before the West had ever heard of anyone named Mohammed. Starting with the Byzantine Empire (c. 640 AD) Moslem armies began to raid and plunder Byzantine territory---all of which was Christian. Byzantium had just fought and won a 30 year war against Persia (another in the long struggle beteen Iran and Christianity) and was exhausted. Soon all of the territory of what we now call the Middle East and northern Africa was in Moslem hands. This area includes the modern nations of Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco---all once Christian and all except Israel now Moslem.


Islam did not stop, but invaded Christian Spain in 711 and penetrated into northern France. It was only the supreme military effort of Charles Martel (" the Hammer") and his Carolingian army of Christian soldiers at the battle of Tours in 732 that kept the Moslems out of Europe north of the Pyrenees. Christian Europe had had a very close call. Had Martel been defeated all of Europe might have become Islamic. The Moslems then fought the remaining Christians in Spain for over 700 years. Islam withdrew from Spain only in 1492.


(Historical note: We wonder how Spain could conquer the great Meso-American and Andean civilizations so quickly, easily and with such a paucity of soldiers and materièl. But tell me, what shape would your military be in if it had had to fight a ferocious and competent enemy for 700 years? Practice does indeed make perfect.)


Now for some perspective: From 626 AD until the the Crusades more than 500 years later Islam was mostly victorious everywhere, whether in Iberia, Africa or Asia. Her armies were seemingly invincible and her god unconquerable.  But then came a check, the 1st Crusade, really the West`s first attempt at counter-attack.  Many are those who mention the Crusades, and they usually do so to slander either the West or Catholicism. But the Crusades---in Spain, north Africa and the Levant---were nothing but an attempt by Christians to reclaim what had been Christian land. They also were what we would now call preemptive wars. Islam had made no secret of its desire to exterminate the West---as the Turkish sultan said, to "stable horses in the Vatican." He came close to doing this very thing. (And recall that al-Qaeda recently tried to bomb the Vatican. Once these guys get an idea in their heads it stays there.)


The Crusades petered out after 1250 or so, but by then  Eastern Islam was engaged in a terrible and losing series of wars against the Mongols. The West had a breather---but not for long. The Mongol tide came and went, staying only in Russia. By the middle of the 13th century Islam, furnished with new blood from the ferocious and expansionist Ottoman Turks, once again began to assault the West. After the Fall of Constantinople (1453) which destroyed the Christian empire of Byzantium the Moslems controlled all of Anatolia (modern Turkey) and  pushed into  Eastern Europe, taking what is now Greece, Macedon, Albania and threatening Poland and Austria---and all were Christian lands. And twice the Turks were at the gates of Vienna. At the second seige (1683), by the way, the Moslems were aided by the French (you are not really surprised at this, are you?) and the West was saved by the Poles---who would continue to give the world examples of true heroism.


Thus the history of Islam---whatever the truth of its theological doctrines---was simply one of making unprovoked and imperialist war upon Christian lands, wars the Christians did not ask for and did not want. Why should we be surprised that these wars continue today? Islam is doing what it has always done. The West is responding as it always has. We have seen it all before. Truly, "there is nothing new under the sun."


The wars of Islam and the West are part of the ongoing struggle between East and West. It began at Marathon (490 BC) and continues today: Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea, Arbela, the Punic Wars, the Mithradatic Wars, the wars of Rome and Parthia, the siege of Constantinople, Manzikert, the Crusades, Lepanto, the sieges of Vienna, Gallipoli...all are but episodes in this 2500 year-long war. Since 640 AD  this long war of East against West has been waged by Islam. It will end when one side is utterly and permanently defeated and not before. Believe it, this is war. Close your eyes to it, deny it, blame and hate your own civilization and excuse the other---none of this will change a thing. Our enemies certainly are not deceived at all. They know this as war. All of their actions, their sermons, their writings and their political and military maneuverings are those of of a civilization at war. As I have written before, when civilizations go to war it is to the death. Rome and Carthage, Assyria and Chaldea, Macedon and Persia, the Allies and the Nazis, the US and the USSR: one ceases to exist. So either the West or radical Islam. Take your choice. Should I ask you what the world would look like if radical Islam is victorious?


But "Live and Let live!" you say. Impossible, for radical Islam will not allow this. Wherever Islam has gone she has brought war. For her there are only two worlds, that of Islam (Dar es Salaam) and that of war (Dar el-Harb). Peace will come only when the entire world is Islam. In almost all of the wars being fought as I write these words one or both sides involve a Moslem group or nation. From the first Islam preyed upon the Arabs, then upon fellow  Moslems---thus the Sunni - Shi´ite split. Then upon Christians, then Persians, then Hindus---and my God how Islam made war upon the Hindus! We read of cities of skulls, of walls of corpses, of towers constructed of human heads, in the Moslem invasions of Hindu lands. Any confusion now why India and Pakistan are for all intents and purposes at war still?  And what of the Taliban´s destruction of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? Radical Islam even makes war upon stones. And should I mention Islam`s war against the Jews? But Islam is also at war with itself---in Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, the Palestinian-occupied territories, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia we can see the awful slaughter of Moslem killing Moslem. In the fading light of of its long-gone glory, Islam is really at war with the entire world, with modernity itself. Recall that bin-Laden has many times expressed his desire to return the Islamic world to what it was 1000 years ago.


This is one of history`s tragedies, for Islamic civilization from 900 AD until 1200 was a shining glory, of a far higher order than that of Western Europe. The Moslem cities were gleaming metropolises of learning, science and the arts. Their governments were by and large humane and tolerant, and provided a haven for Jews in a hostile world. Their mosques were (and are) wonders of the world, their poetry and art hallmarks of refinement. All of that is gone now, save for what is left of their monuments and architecture. The poverty, ignorance, illiteracy,  theological obscurantism, misogyny, violence, tyranny, envy and mind-boggling Jew-hatred one sees in the Islamic world today are a far cry from what once was a marvelously brilliant culture.


Please keep all of this in mind when those anti-war types begins their predictable and silly America and Western civilization-hating diatribe. There are many well-educated fools among them---Noam Chomsky, Gabriel García Márquez, Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal and Howard Zinn all come to mind. But you do not have to be such a fool.


May 8, 2004

The Messy Arab Street


Today's headlines in Yahoo are a sign  of the times: "Arab Street Not Satisfied with Bush Apology." You see, there is this idea popular in Western media and academic circles that the West in general and the US in particular should everywhere and always worry about what the Arab world thinks. Nowhere is a reason given why this should be so. The truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter what the Arab world thinks. Not about the Abu Ghraib prison photos, not about the war, not about anything. 


The 'Arab Street' that so exercises the minds of Western intellectuals is a mess both literally and figuratively, a moral, economic, cultural, political and intellectual catastrophe. It has been thus for hundreds of years and no amount of wishful thinking can make it otherwise. All told there are 350 million Arabs, give or take a few Bedouin. And what is most notable about this Arab world? The entire thing is awash in illiteracy, violence, misogyny and ignorance. All media is government controlled and shot through and through with mind-numbing Jew hatred. What passes for schools there teach little more than obscurantist theology laced with wild conspiracy theories. 


No Arab government has ever blamed itself for the disasters that infect the Arab world at every point. All is the fault of others: the West, 'imperialism', 'colonialism,' and of course Israel, always Israel. The Jewish state is seen as the source of nearly every tragedy and terror. Some gems:


Egyptian newspapers claimed that chewing gum Israel was selling in Egypt was laced with sexual hormones that aroused insatiable lust in young Arab women. Palestinian officials later followed with charges that Israeli chewing gum was a Zionist plot for turning Palestinian women into prostitutes, and  "completely destroying the genetic system of young boys" to boot.

So Arabs believe that a handful of Jews can destroy them through...chewing gum? But there is more:

On March 22, 2004 Sheikh 'Atiyyah Saqr, former head of the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committeewho in the past issued a Fatwa declaring Jews "apes and pigs," was asked the following question this week in an online chat room: "What, according to the Qur'an, are the Jews' main characteristics and qualities?" The following is his answer: fabricating; listening to lies; disputing and quarreling; hiding the truth and supporting deception; rebelling against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance; hypocrisy; wishing evil on people; feeling pain at others' happiness and feeling happiness at others' afflictions; rudeness and vulgarity; murder of innocents; mercilessness and heartlessness; breaking promises; cowardice; and miserliness.

The Arabs are remarkable for their propensity to believe in the wildest flights of fancy:

Some of last year's most far-fetched conspiracy theories in the Arab world include: U.S. soldiers cannibalized Iraqi civilians; the U.S. was responsible for the car bomb that killed Iraqi Shia leader Muhammad Bakir Al-Hakim; the Jews were behind the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia; the U.S. was behind the SARS virus; and the Iraq war was launched to coincide with the Jewish holiday Purim.

And after the Bush apology to the Arab world came this jewel from the official Egyptian media:

Underscoring the intense emotions in the Arab world, Egypt’s al-Wafd had a picture of a dead Iraqi child with the caption: “The new Mongols massacre the children of Iraq before the eyes of the world.”

I could go on but you get the point. People who hold such views are to be pitied, not consulted.

And about those prison photos: What is in them that one cannot see at any run-of-the-mill Hugh Hefner dinner party? Those members of congress who feigned such outrage at what happened at Abu Ghraib are the same ones who support such activity as a constitutional right when done by Americans to Americans: on internet porn sites, on 'adult' videos, on cable TV and in homosexual communities and frat houses across the nation. And why should we be exercised that some killers of Americans were humiliated? Why not humiliate the lot of them, the delicate feelings of these monsters be damned? These are the same creatures who raped, mutilated, tortured and murdered their own Iraqi brethren. The Iraqis who suffered and died under Saddam understand this well. When asked about the photos, Iraqis now living in Seattle said

their treatment paled when compared with the horrors inflicted under Saddam Hussein's regime. "They raped our women. They killed our kids. So there's hatred between us, the people here, and the people in Iraq," he said, referring to the Shiite Muslims who emigrated and the Sunni Muslims who ruled Iraq under Saddam. "Anything coming to them would make me happy...You can't imagine...they killed us like rats."

So to view photos of prisoners in humiliating positions -- one month after seeing another chilling image, the charred and mutilated corpses of Americans hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River -- was "worth it, because they did the same to us," al-Turfy said, a comment echoed by several other Iraqis.

Mosafer Al-Yaseri, a Lynnwood resident, said that the abuse by some soldiers should not taint the overall efforts of the U.S. Army. "(The Iraqis) feel soldiers come from good families. Over there, there are 135,000 soldiers. Out of that, 10 people are bad," he said. His cousin, Salam Al-Yaseri, said that the images were "not good for the American government or the American people. ... As you know, we are Muslims. This is a very bad thing in our religion. The people that did this did not (represent) the American people."

So let us keep some perspective here even as we prosecute those US soldiers responsible for sullying the reputation of American arms.

And if the Arab street is mad, then what of it? Was it any less so on 9/11? Recall the Arab masses dancing in the street at the news of the slaughter of 3000 Americans. Recall the myriad terror incidents over the past 30 years when Arabs murdered Americans. And how did the US respond to these outrages? Why, she saved Arabs from other Arabs. The truth of the matter is that the greatest savior of Moslems in general and Arabs in particular has been the US---in Kuwait, in Iraq, in Somalia, in Kosovo---and still the Arab world seethes with hatred. And what is an Arab to think knowing that the freest, best educated, healthiest and wealthiest Arabs are those who live in Israel and the US? Arab anger---like the Arab street itself---is so illogical, so irrational, so bizarre and so inchoate that only a fool would base any policy on it. So the question "Why do they hate us?" has but one answer: "Why should we care?"

Never forget that seldom has any Arab government condemned another Arab government for any reason whatsoever. Iraqis murder Kuwaitis, Algerians murder Algerians, Saddam mutilates and kills Arabs, Syria gasses Syrians, Sudan rapes, enslaves and kills Sudanese, Egyptians napalm Yemenis, al-Qaeda bombs Islamic holy cities, Palestinians murder their own---and not one peep of outrage from the 'Arab street'. Though the greatest humiliations of Arabs have always come at the hands of other Arabs, their hatred is reserved only for America and Israel.

No American asked the Japanese or Germans during WW II their views on how the US treated them. They would have been astounded had we done so, and would no doubt have laughed in our face---just as al-Qaeda is laughing today. The reality of things is that the war against terror will be prosecuted to complete victory regardless of the feelings of the Arab masses, most of whom suffer under astoundingly crude and grubby Orwellian dictatorships. What the US brought to Japan and Germany 60 years ago is what she is bringing today to the Arab world: freedom and democracy. And she is bringing them in the same way, upon the bayonets of American soldiers. The Americans are not consulting the Arab street about all of this. No Arab government ever takes its peoples' opinions into account. Neither should we.



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