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So 'old Europe'---France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg (also called "The Axis of Weasels")---is planning its own European army

A new rapid reaction force would be built around the existing Franco-German brigade, 

taking in Belgian commandos and units from Luxembourg. It would answer to a headquarters in 

the Brussels suburb of Tervuren and be ready for joint operations next year.


No doubt the thought of 'Belgian commandos' creates sheer terror in the heart of evildoers. Add to this fearsome force the renowned Luxembourg units and the existing Franco-German brigade and you will have a military power that might be able to---what?---stop smuggling? Arrest graffiti artists? Shake-down prostitutes?


What is the real purpose behind this silliness? Clearly Chirac wants Europe---that is, a French-led Europe---to be able to present to the world some sort of counter to US power. He cannot stomach the thought that Europe in general and France in particular no longer have the power---read diplomatic and military power---to matter much any more. Witness the French gyrations during the run-up to the recent war. In spite of every tool in French and German diplomacy, the US simply ignored them and went ahead with its plans. The world saw old Europe as it was: impotent, flailing and sterile.


But Chirac soldiers on. He claims that


Quite naturally a multi-polar world is being created, whether one likes it or not.

 It's inevitable. For balance to exist, there will have to be a strong Europe. 

Relations between the European Union and the United States

 will have to be a partnership between equals.


These words have a fantastical quality about them, unhinged by reality, free-floating through some psychotic realm in Chirac's imagination. A multi-polar world is not being created. The truth is that the economic, political, diplomatic, social, cultural and  military power of the US is increasing both in absolute terms and relative to the rest of the world. Ideas of a strong Europe cannot exist side by side with the reality of a continent addicted to increasing levels of social spending and high taxes, and afflicted with high unemployment, low levels of productivity and burgeoning deficits. Europe cannot even meet its current obligations toward NATO; any dream of creating another military force is simply delusional. 


The time of old Europe is gone. It is not going with much decency or delicacy into its long night.



Oh, Those Peace-loving Palestinians!


More evidence that the Palestinians want to live in harmony with Israel.



Blood and body parts smeared the smashed club entrance. 

The bomber's coat hung from beams over the door with a hand sticking out of one sleeve and 

one of his severed legs lay on the step. Police said the bomber detonated his hidden load after trying in vain to 

push past a security guard into the club. "The place was crowded with young people for a jazz and blues night," said Israeli national police spokesman Gil Kleiman. "The security guard prevented a huge catastrophe. I saw people running away in flames, some without skin. It was shocking."



So you think that this latest outrage is justified as long as there will one day be an independent 'Palestine'? Think again. The bombing happened at Mike's Place, one block from the US Embassy. 


"It is owned by two Israeli/American brothers--Assaf and Gil and caters almost exclusively to 

American expats--tourists, long term residents, embassy staff and even American forces ages 18-80."


The reality is simple: the bomber was trying to kill as many Americans as possible.



Arafat and his 'Prime Minister', Mahmoud Abbas---alias Abu Mazen.


Donald Rumsfeld has cancelled US military demonstrations at the Paris Air Show 2003. Who needs this glorified sales event when the entire world just saw the lethality of American arms? Who would now clamor for French or Russian jets when American ones are so clearly superior? 

War is the best advertising for war machines. In fact, Poland just ordered 48 US F-16s, for a cost of $3.5 billion.

Some US defense official joked, ""One can't help notice that the Russians and French are very good at making ejector seats." And betraying allies. And supporting murderous regimes. And lying. And losing.

U.S. Army Spc. Jami Sardina of Hamburg, N.Y., drinks hot tea served by

 an Iraqi Bedouin man who wanted to honor the soldiers for bringing him and his family 

supplies of drinking water and food near Nasiriyah, Iraq.



The plans of the Axis of Weasels---France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg---for a military alliance has met with some humorous criticism. The weasels themselves issued a statement saying that the plan would provide a "multinational deployable force headquarters" and "a nucleus of collective capability for planning and conducting operations for the European Union." Colin Powell called all of this gibberish "some sort of plan to develop some sort of headquarters." 

Dutch Foreign Minister Jaap de Hoop Scheffer refused to  participate in this farce, saying that "Belgium and France would not guarantee our security...Germany will not guarantee the security of the Netherlands. I cannot imagine a world order built against the United States." Scheffer no doubt recalls that the last country to trust its security to the French was Poland, and before her, Czechoslovakia. And do we really need to discuss what a "German security guarantee" for any nation in Western Europe has meant in the past?

Exactly. Three times in the last 90 years the US has had to intervene in Europe to stop one of its myriad civil wars---and this does not include the half-century that America maintained troops in Europe to save it from the USSR.

These four weasels are nothing but roaring mice.

Some return from war.

Some do not.

(http://denbeste.nu/  Stardate 20030430.2007)


Freedom is not free.  

As Powell has said, 

America asks nothing

but ground for her dead.


Is it important if weapons of mass destruction are never found in Iraq? Some would say so, especially those democrats who yearn to sit in the White House.

But these WMDs were only a material cause for war. As the war was fought the stupefying violence and terror of the Baathist regime became clear. The strictly material reason for war---finding those WMDs---was replaced with a spiritual reason for war---the liberation of the Iraqi people from the jackboot of Saddam. The business of Saddam---and of Syria and Iran and North Korea at present---was slavery. The business of America is freedom. Recall that her own Civil War began as a war to 'save the Union.' It ended as a crusade to free the slaves. The material was replaced by the spiritual.

This is one reason why the first Gulf War was a strategic failure. It was fought only for a return to the status quo ante bellum, and not for any higher purpose. Evil was allowed to remain in its Baghdad redoubt, and so spread blood and terror for another 12 years. This was why the Korean War failed as well. Truman was blind to any higher purpose than the maintenance of a line drawn on a map. To this day---but perhaps not for much longer---the people of North Korea exist only as slaves, invisible chattel who survive at the whim of a monster.

The War on Terror began as a response to innumerable acts of violence against the US over the past 20 years. It will end as a crusade to free the peoples of the Middle East from their long nightmare of tyranny. In cannot end any other way. Free people do no strap explosives to the bodies of their children or fly airplanes into towers.

We are witnessing an entire host of humanity being brought into history for the first time. This is the story of our age, the release from bondage of untold millions. 

To those who disagree, I can only lament that you have eyes but cannot see.

Some say that 'the Arabs will be free when pigs can fly.' 


(I have a feeling that my web is not through with this porcine aviator.)

Some pithy advice to those who would argue with anti-war goofies.

Never mud wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but only the pig enjoys it.

Do not get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

Do not try to teach math to a baboon.

Do not throw your pearls before swine.

Some things in the street are best stepped over than stepped on.

If you argue with a dog you will walk away with fleas.

Jumping into a sewer will not make the sewer smell better.

Some things are best ignored: old enemies, foaming dogs, and fanatics.

Oh, Those Peace-Loving Palestinians!

Want to look into the eyes of a monster?


Mr. Hanif was the charming fellow who blew himself and several others to pieces two days ago in Tel Aviv.

Top Gun

What an American president should look like.

What an American president does look like.



On April 28 Arlington Cemetery saw its first Buddhist burial ceremony for

Marine Cpl. Kemaphoom Chanawongse, who was killed near Nasiriyah.

America promises religious freedom. America keeps her word.

Arlington has Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Moslems: 

They are all American.

Question: In how many nations could such a ceremony take place?



US airmen and sailors hanging out with one of their own.




Renowned German Accuracy


Before hostilities commenced German politicians and analysts made some rather frenzied predictions about the war's outcome. They make funny reading.

Some of them predicted "millions of victims of U.S. rockets" to "millions of Iraqi refugees desperately fleeing the country." 

On March 21, Social Democratic parliamentary President Wolfgang Thierse, 

one of the country's most influential leaders, told a Cologne newspaper, 

"Millions of people in Baghdad will be victims of bombs and rockets."


Environmental Minister Juergen Trittin of the Green Party, the junior partner in 

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's coalition, grandly declared on Feb. 26, 

"The German government possesses various studies expecting up to 200,000 victims of 

military operations in Iraq. And it is feared that another 200,000 persons

 will die from indirect results of the war."


Development Minister Heidemarie Wielczorek-Zeul, a Social Democrat, 

emotionally predict[ed] on a talk show that "3 million Iraqi refugees will be flooding neighboring countries."


Peter Scholl-Latour, a 79-year-old author, former TV news commentator and household name, 

who is regarded as Germany's top Mideast expert, was a fixture on nationwide TV programs.

Asserting that "not even 500,000 U.S. soldiers fighting in Vietnam could prevent the debacle there,

"Scholl-Latour on March 29 predicted that the war would "last for a very long time." 

He added, "The progress of war so far is an acute embarrassment for the U.S. 

The Iraqis have tremendous national pride, and they fight in the name of Allah. . . . 

The Americans will have to bury their dreams of world domination."


It seems that Germans love to throw around big numbers and the phrase 'millions and millions.' Well now, here are some numbers for them: 

Numbers of Jews killed by Germany:

  6 million.


Number of non-Jews killed in German camps: 

6 million.


Number of deaths in World War II: 

60 million.


Number of deaths in World War I: 

21 million.

In the 20th century alone Germany has been responsible for the death of 'millions and millions' of human beings---81,000,000 to be exact.


Europeans are so-o-o much more sophisticated than the simplistic Americans!

Why, look what they have brought the world just in the last 100 years:

World War I.

World War II.

The Holocaust.

The Spanish Civil War.

The Russian Revolution and Civil War.

The civil war in Kosovo.

And how about those nifty European ideas:



National Socialism.






Here are some cool European exports to the Third World:


Chinese communism.

Vietnamese communism.

Indonesian communism.

The Cambodian Holocaust.

The Algerian Civil War.

The Suez Crisis.

The Vietnamese War.

The Hindu-Moslem slaughter of 1947-48.


Recall their heroic contributions to Philosophy:







And Great European Monuments in Literature:

Mein Kampf.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Communist Manifesto.

Great Moments in European Political History Since 1900:

The Munich Conference.

The Wannsee Conference.

The Treaty of Versailles.


The Pact of Steel.

The 'Secret Speech.'

The Iron Curtain.

European Contributions to the Improvement of Labor:



The Gulag Archipelago.


Outstanding Military Achievements:


The Somme.

The Maginot Line.


The Warsaw Uprising.

The Invasion of Poland.


How Europeans Improve Lives Through Chemistry:

Mustard Gas.

Chlorine Gas.


And let us not forget these outstanding European leaders:


Vidkun Quisling.


Kaiser Wilhelm II.





Who can compete with such excellence?

The Economist has an interesting quote concerning the most recent ravings of the North Korean madman. 


How this crisis unfolds therefore depends on what Mr Kim

 really does intend to do with his bombs.


Wrong. The resolution of the North Korean crisis has nothing to do with Mr. Kim, who has made himself absolutely clear over these past months. He claims nuclear weapons that will be sold to whomever pays in cash.


The resolution has everything to do with Mr. Bush. He will decide on the fate of Kim and his bombs. As Bush has said, this problem cannot continue indefinitely. Want to guess what that means?


The esteemed  magazine ends the article with a hope that other nations---China, Russia, France---"press Mr Kim to kick his nuclear habit early." 


Wrong again. This 'nuclear habit' of Kim is all he has. Take that away and North Korea will simply cease to exist. It will have no bargaining power for desperately needed food and oil. He needs these weapons. Mr. Bush will refuse them to him. Outcome: War. End of nuclear threat. End of North Korean tyranny. End of Kim. Beginning of a united Korean peninsula. A more secure Japan and South Korea. Twenty-two million North Koreans brought into history.


I should ask this question: Who wants to raise children in a world where the likes of Kim Jong-Il have nuclear weapons? May I see a show of hands?




The 20 Most-Cited Countries
in Clinical Medicine, 1992-2002





































































































Every nation on this list is a democracy with a system of laws and guaranteed rights. They are also more or les capitalistic. None is communist. Most are in Western Europe. Nine were either defeated or liberated in World War II by the English speaking nations, the  members of which (except for New Zealand) are in the top ten. Eleven have US military bases. None has made war upon another since 1945.

Questions: Where are the Islamic nations? the African ones? Where is Russia? Where is Latin America? Where is Red China? Where are the OPEC nations with all their vast wealth and resources?

Again some are expressing doubts about a 'smoking gun' of WMDs being found in Iraq. They worry that if these weapons are not found then the entire rationale for the war will have been undermined. Some of course  would be elated at this, as they could then accuse the US and England of being liars or warmongers or imperialists---choose your slander.

Not so fast.

Iraq is a nation the size of California. It will take time to search. But consider: If some are found, would not this only increase the anxiety of the civilized world? The existence of WMDs in Iraq would then be a fact. We would then have to wonder if Saddam sent some to, say, Syria before the war---or to al-Qaeda, Hezbullah and Hamas. You see the problem here. Not finding WMDs might be better than finding them.

And if they are found we can expect the French and UN and Hans Blix types to accuse the US of planting them. These creatures are all in a huff anyway because of being shut out of Iraq. If they can find a reason to condemn the US---any reason no matter how petty and mendacious---they will use it. This is how they operated before the war. This is how they operated during the war. We can expect little else now---as if their opinion mattered a whit.

The one inescapable thing seen by all the world was the nature of Saddam's regime. All saw throngs of Iraqis ecstatic at his fall, thankful to his conquerors and elated at their freedom. These images dwarf anything else that could have come from this war. In five years no one will care if WMDs had been found in Iraq.

The reality of victory has brought the promises and responsibilities of freedom to 24 million human beings. They are now the freest Arabs in the world, the freest in history.

The Iraqi lawyer who led US forces to Pvt. Jessica Lynch has been awarded asylum in America. His name is Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief and his tale is worth being told.

Al-Rehaief is considered a hero by many Americans and the U.S. military for 

making a series of trips between Saddam Hospital in Nasiriyah, where Lynch was being held, and 

U.S. forces several miles away. He had to walk through dangerous enemy territory each time he made the trek.

He was among several sources who helped the CIA and the military find Lynch, a 19-year-old 

West Virginian who was rescued in a commando raid on April 2.

Al-Rehaief, whose wife worked in the hospital, told U.S. Marines 

he saw Lynch being slapped by a security guard there.


Imagine the courage of this man. He knew only too well his fate if he had been captured. He risked his life for a stranger, for an invader.


He is now in the US with his wife and 5-year old daughter. As soon as the paperwork can be done the US will have three more Americans. Welcome to the Club, Mohammed.


Someone once said that "There is no greater love than to give your life for your brother." Mr. al-Rehaief has that kind of love.


Mr. al-Rehaief and an American serviceman at the US Embassy in Kuwait.


Onward Christian Soldiers

US soldiers praying last Sunday after arriving at Ramstein Airbase from northern Iraq.

Could someone please tell me what other nation has soldiers like these?


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