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He's Back!

I wondered what had happened to Mikhail Gorbachev as he has been out of the news recently. Well now, he has returned with a mouthful for Mr. Bush. He said that "the United States cast aside international law by going to war in Iraq without United Nations approval." The ex-dictator goes on to praise resistance to the war in the U.N. Security Council by Russia, France and Germany, telling reporters the three countries "showed great responsibility and were correct."

"International law was cast aside," the former Soviet leader said. 

"The country that made democracy its banner ignored the majority."


Poor fellow! The US is not a democracy but a republic. It was not founded on majority rule. It guarantees the rights of minorities, something impossible to a pure democracy where 51 percent of the population can vote to enslave the remaining 49 percent.


And can we please stop talking about the UN as if it represents anything like the majority or the world's people? Most of its members are squalid little dictatorships where a tiny and tyrannical elite monopolize the wealth of the state. Of its 200-odd members only a handful remotely  resemble anything like a democracy. 


It seems Mr. Gorbachev is angling to be the next secretary general of the UN. This is of course yet another reason for the US to abandon the silly club.


And speaking of the UN, Mr. Bush has ruled out any quick return for UN inspectors. A US representative said

"I don't think there is any role for the U.N. in the short term in searching for, 

or identifying, or securing weapons of mass destruction, 

but we do not necessarily rule out some kind of U.N. role down the road..."


Perhaps the UN can help stop looting:


"It was chaos, wild, something out of a war scene," said one who was present.

 The looting was "unbelievable, crowds of people just taking everything in sight;

 they stripped the place bare." 


A recent street scene in Baghdad? Well...not exactly. This happened Friday at the UN. It seems the cafeteria workers went on strike and abandoned their posts. The diplomats went on a wild food fight:


And yet another astonished witness said that "chickens, turkeys, souffles, 

casseroles all went out the door (unpaid)."

The mob then moved on to the Viennese Café, a popular snack bar in the U.N.'s 

conference room facility. It was also stripped bare. The takers included some 

well-known diplomats who finished off the raid with free drinks at the lounge for delegates. 

When asked how much liquor was lifted from the U.N. bar, one U.S. diplomat responded: 

"I stopped counting the bottles." 


Before the UN can dictate to the world it should first learn the difficult task of controlling its cafeterias.


Kim Jong-Il has threatened to nuke San Francisco. Maybe we should let him. Read this but be warned: it is not for the---how does one say it?---squeamish. This gives yet another twist to San Francisco's well-earned reputation for gross public immorality.

Some years ago a Fundamentalist minister visited the city by the bay and took a tour of the place. After finishing he said, "If God does not destroy San Francisco He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."     

Oh, Those Peace-Loving Palestinians!

Here is a 1974 quote from Yasser Arafat to Oriana Fallaci:

The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel, and there can be no compromises or mediators...

We don't want peace; we want victory. Peace for us means Israel's destruction and nothing else.


Have things changed since? Yes, for the worse. Here is part of page 116 of a 1999-2000 textbook on Islamic education for the 10th grade:


The logic of justice obligates the application of the single verdict [on the Jews]

 from which there is no escape; namely, that their criminal intentions be turned against them and

 that they be exterminated. The duty of Muslims of our time is to pull themselves together, 

unite their ranks, and wage war on their enemy until Allah hands down his judgment on them and us.


Children are taught that the proper duty of every Moslem is to exterminate Jews. 


One can have no peace with such a people. When will we stop pretending?



Call me Nostradamus


Our French allies secretly helped Iraqi leaders to flee to Syria, and then provided them with European passports and save havens in Europe. This comes on top of many other reports:


 The intelligence on the French passports came after reports indicated that a French company

 covertly sold military spare parts to Iraq in the weeks before the war.
     Other intelligence reports indicated that a French oil company was working with a Russian oil firm to conclude a deal with Saddam's government in the days before military action began March 19.
     The French government also denied U.S. intelligence indicating that a 

Chinese chemical company used French and Syrian brokers to circumvent U.N. 

sanctions in providing Iraq with chemicals used in making missile fuel.


 Nathalie Loiseau, a spokeswoman for the French Embassy, denied all of this. She said


 French authorities have not issued any visas to officials of the former Iraqi regime 

since the beginning of the war in Iraq, either in Syria or elsewhere.
     "France formally denies this type of allegation, which is not only contrary to reality 

but is intended to discredit our nation," she said. "It is certainly time for rumors of this type

 — totally unfounded and a dishonor to those who spread them — to stop."


Miss Loiseau, no foreigner need discredit your nation. Your government does a fine job on its own.






"A top Iranian official denied his country had a nuclear weapons program but

 told the UN that Iran was not willing to submit to tougher inspections of its facilities."


"Iranian officials have said they have nothing to hide as 

their nuclear program is only meant to generate electricity."




Iran has some of the largest oil deposits in the world. Any nuclear reactor would be superfluous to its energy or economic needs. So why the rush to begin processing nuclear material? Why the refusal to submit to International Atomic Energy Agency inspections?


A google search of 'Iran + terrorism' reveals 348,000 documents, more than double what a similar entry for Syria shows. Imagine an Iran in two or three years that can export nuclear weapons to Hamas, Hezbullah, Syria, anyone. Israel certainly has no illusions of what nuclear-armed Iranian mullahs would inflict upon her.


Neither should the US. The Iranian leadership hates her and fears her.


The hatred is understandable. To the Iranian mullahs the US is 'the Great Satan.' And the fear? Simple: It is in the power right now for the US to overthrow the wildly unpopular Iranian government. The mullahs know that any US invasion would be welcomed by most Iranians. 


And so the regime is in a race against time: it wants nuclear weapons to prevent a US invasion. Call this the 'North Korea' play. Will it work? No. A nuclear armed Iran would represent a catastrophic foreign policy defeat for the US which must at all costs be prevented. It would increase the threat to Israel and destroy any possibilities of a democratic Iraq.


Not all Iranian leaders are oblivious to what their nation's nuclear program will lead to.


"Some 154 members of the parliament on Wednesday called on the 

Foreign Ministry to adopt active diplomacy to restore relations with the

 United States as a "deterrent approach" to possible threats..."


"Referring to the events going on in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past two years, 

the statement said that ignoring the recommendation may cause disaster for the nation."


Exactly. If Iran continues its push to acquire nuclear weapons it will bring on a US invasion.



Call Me Nostradamus


"The United States would be forced to act if it discovered that Damascus 

allowed Iraq to hide weapons of mass destruction in Syria during the war, 

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said in an interview published Wednesday."


The US has accused Syria of harboring Iraqi fugitives and hiding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Either one if proved true would be a casus belli


Syria understands perfectly well what 'forced to act' means, though of course it denies all charges:


The Syrian ambassador to Spain, Mohsen Bilal, denied that Syria had provided

 a haven to Iraqi officials or possessed weapons of mass destruction.

"We have no fear and no secrets," Bilal told journalists Wednesday.


Mr. Bilal's claim of 'no fear or secrets' echoes that of Saddam before the US invasion. Someone should get these Arab tyrants new writers.



"Without force in this world, you are nothing...

The American approach may be heavy-handed, but no one doubts it, and

 the U.S. gets its way. Europe has no force, and therefore no voice."


---Italian defense analyst


He simply echoed the words of Frederick The Great (1712-1768): "Diplomacy without force is like an orchestra without instruments." 


Britain understands this. Italy understands this. Even Al Capone understood this: "You can make a better point with fine words and a gun than with fine words alone." 


Alas! The French cannot even avail themselves of fine words.



Al last! The French agree to help the US in Iraq:

Pastry chef Yves Reynaud, with French colors on his collar, 

flew in a U.S. Air Force transport to Baghdad on a vital mission. 

Any search for peace goes better with cream puffs.


Every nation contributes what it can.


You could never make this stuff up.



The North Korean Nero


Martyrs are the seed of faith.

---Tertullian (155-220)


New type of stigmata devised by North Korea


"We have reports that these [Christian] refugees had wires driven through their wrists and noses. 

By these wires they were led back into North Korea."


New retirement plan from North Korea


Soon Ok Lee, once a senior cadre of the ruling Communist Party, 

testified that while she was in the Kaechon political prison camp, 

she observed the atrocious execution of five or six elderly Christians

 who refused to give up their belief in Christ. 


New use of iron discovered by North Korea


The Christians were lined up and told to renounce their faith and 

accept instead the North Korean ideology of Juche (self-reliance).

"The selected prisoners all remained silent at the repeated command of conversion.

 The security officers ... killed them by pouring molten iron on them one by one," related Soon.


New fertilizer developed by North Korea


Soon also reported that the bodies of hundreds of prisoners served 

as fertilizer for orchards that produced especially large and sweet apples, pears, peaches

 and plums reserved for senior party and police officials.


New dietary techniques from North Korea


She said that in the meantime, prisoners were kept starving to such a degree that

 they ate the raw flesh of rats they had caught coming out of their latrine holes. 


New contributions to productivity from North Korea


She described special punishment cells, 24 inches wide and 44 inches high, 

where people were confined for  seven to 10 days, without being able to 

stand up straight, or sit or lie down. Such confinement was the penalty for "offenses

 such as leaving an oily mark on clothes,  failing to memorize the president's 

New Year message or repeated failure to meet work quotas."


New population control technique from North Korea


 It was horrible to watch the prison doctor kicking the pregnant women with his boots.

"When a baby was born, the doctor shouted, 'Kill it quickly. The women 

covered their faces with their hands and wept ... The prisoner/nurses, with trembling hands, 

squeezed the babies' necks to kill them. The babies, when killed, were wrapped in a dirty cloth,

 put into a bucket and taken outside through a backdoor."


Mr. Bush called the North Korean regime evil. 

Are there any questions?


Kim Jong-Il



In looks and deeds he resembles Nero, Roman emperor 54 - 68 AD.


They [Christians] were put to death with exquisite cruelty, and to add to their sufferings

Nero added mockery and derision...some were devoured by dogs; others nailed  to crosses;

numbers of them were burned alive; many...were set on fire to serve as torches during the night.

----Tacitus, XIV, 60.




MAY 12

Can we stop all this nonsense about the European Union? It cannot work; it can never work. The reason is simple: a nation will surrender its sovereignty to a foreign ruling class---and that is exactly what any trans-European bureaucracy is---only if the benefits of doing so outweigh the detriments. And what a nation gives up is a great deal of freedom: economic policy, military policy, foreign policy, a national currency, local laws and customs---in fact, an entire tapestry of things particular to that nation and to that nation only. As long as these sacrifices are shared among member states of the union, they can be tolerated for some perceived 'greater good.'

And if such a good is not forthcoming? Well then, nations begin to chafe uncomfortably and question the wisdom of joining such a union. This is happening now in Europe, and one reason is France. She is ignoring all sorts of solemn agreements concerning taxation, subsidies, deficit spending, trade issues and the Kyoto Treaty. She has as well broken an entire host of international law and obligations concerning Iraq and oil contracts. The European Union is becoming exactly what De Gaulle imagined it would be: An entire continent roped to the policies of France.

That this was always a fantasy is becoming clear. French corruption and arrogance are legendary and well-earned. She herself refuses to recognize that after World War I she became a second-rate power; after World War II she became merely a local wrangler, her energies more consumed with sheep subsidies than military affairs. Her status as mover and shaker on the international scene was created ex nihilo  by her presence on the Security Council of the UN. As long as the USSR prowled about France could be tolerated, though it was obvious that her economic and military assets could in no way possibly sustain any sort of international role for long.

Now that the USSR is only a bitter memory, France uses the UN and, to a lesser extent, NATO, as a stage to prance about in a pretense of power. But this act only works if other nations buy into the act. The US and Britain and a bunch of Eastern European nations do not. The UN is a monument to impotence; NATO little more than a treaty looking for a job. All France has left is the EU, and with those newer states posed to enter the power of France will become even more diminished. All the fantastical assumptions about 'European unity' will be pulled asunder. Multilateralism will be for the moment, not to be the governing idea of any permanent organization.

In fact, European unity has only worked through coercion or fear. NATO, though only representing Western Europe, was an example of the latter. It was fear of the Soviets that gave life to it. Once that fear vanished along with the USSR, NATO lost its point. The last attempt to unite all of Europe was by Nazi Germany, and before that was the Napoleonic Empire, and before that was the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne, and before that was the real Roman Empire of the Caesars. None was voluntary, the most successful and benign being the Pax Romana

France is no Rome and Chirac is no Caesar (although he might be a Cleopatra). Europe as an cultural idea is alive. Europe as a political actor is dead.

MAY 13

Those fun loving Germans are at it again. At a recent meeting of his Foreign Ministry colleagues senior Berlin diplomat Joergen Chrobog claimed that the US was turning "into a police state." 

To increase the fun German Defense Minister Peter Struck said "he had no intention of begging for forgiveness for Germany’s stance against the US-led war in Iraq."

 “It’s not for a German Defence Minister to show regret or guilt feelings towards his American counterpart. 

We have an equal relationship,” he said.


Well, let's see: the Germans, masters of the art at creating police states, never termed Iraq such a thing but imagine the US to be one. And Struck really imagines that he and his American counterpart have an 'equal relationship'? Equal in what way? Influence? Credibility? Honor? Prestige?


The Germans are infected with the French Disease---in both senses of the term.



Name This Guy!

He was born in a log cabin. At his birth 

a bright star and a double rainbow appeared in the sky and a swallow descended from

 heaven to herald the birth of a "general who will rule all the world."


His very presence causes trees to bloom and snow to melt. Pears ripen at his passing by. He styles himself "the son of god." He is called "the genius of 10,000 talents."  He has written 1,500 books. At his birthday a rare albino raccoon appeared. At his succession a farmer harvested an albino cucumber. Wherever his father sat is encased in glass to be worshipped forever by the masses.


Give up? It is Kim Jong-Il. No word yet if the Germans are calling North Korea a police state.


No one could make this stuff up.



MAY 15


Great Minds Think Alike


For years, many governments played down the threats of Islamic revolution, 

turned a blind eye to international terrorism and accepted the development of 

weaponry of mass destruction. Indeed, some politicians were happy to go further, 

collaborating with the self-proclaimed enemies of the West for 

their own short-term gain — but enough about the French.


---former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher



The Moloch State

 He that gives any of his seed unto Moloch; he shall surely be put to death.

---Leviticus 20:2




Moloch was a god worshipped in the ancient Middle East and in northern Africa. He demanded the blood-sacrifice of children. Infants were taken to a huge brazen image of the god whose mouth gaped open to reveal the fires of Topeth. The babies were tossed inside while priests of Moloch clanged cymbals to drown out the screams of immolating humanity. Sometimes there would be long lines as mothers would wait their turn to do homage to the ghastly deity.


A Moloch state does all of this on a terrifying level. The results of one such state:

As an earthmover scraped heaps of rich brown earth from the site, 

bones protruded from the dirt. Once extricated, skulls and what look like the bones from

 the rest of the bodies were heaped into crumbled piles or stuffed into plastic bags. 

Clothing hung from the bones. Some skulls were cracked.

Thus were discovered 11,000 pieces of humanity, victims of the dread Saddam. He was a modern Baal Moloch ruling over the Hell he made of Iraq.


A mother walks among horror as she looks for remains.



Moloch ponders his meal.


There have been many Moloch states: Assyria, Babylon, Phoenicia, Carthage, Canaan, Nazi Germany, the USSR. There are others that exist yet: North Korea, Cuba, China. But Iraq no longer.


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