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MAY 17

Europe has a problem that explains much. To put it briefly, its Islamic population is increasing faster---much faster---than the non-Islamic population. Most of these Moslems do not assimilate into the European culture of their host countries. They live in Islamic enclaves usually centered around a large urban area---Paris or Brussels, for example. Radical Islamic gangs run rampant and local authorities shy away from  preventive crime techniques. The unemployment rate of these unassimilated Moslems typically is much larger than that of the nation as a whole. The Moslem youth is becoming radicalized and the surrounding population lives in fear of it; European governments themselves live in fear of it.


Here are the stats. Recall that as with illegal immigrants in the US, these official numbers are no doubt too low.


European Union countries with the biggest Muslim populations


Muslim population

% of total population

France 4-5 million 7.1-8.9%
Germany 3 million 3.7%
Britain 1.4 million 2.6%
Italy 700,000 1.2%
Netherlands 696,000 4.4%
Greece 370,000 3.7%
Belgium 370,000 3.6%
Spain 300,000 - 400,000 0.7-1%
Austria 300,000 3.7%
Sweden 250,000 - 300,000 2.8-3.4%

Source: Buijs, F. & Rath, J.: "Muslims in Europe: The State of Research" (Russell Sage Foundation, October 2002). Figures are estimates.


There are between 2.5 million and 5 million Moslems in the USA---at most 2 percent of all Americans. Most are assimilated.



For get those recent bombings. Forget Afghanistan. Forget Iraq. Forget the world economy. Forget terrorism. Forget SARS. Forget the Clintons and the Democrats. Here is the real news of the century: Venezuela will not participate in the Miss Universe contest. Yep, you read right! Here is the scoop:


For the first time in decades, the country that has won more major beauty pageants in 

recent years than any other won't be offering a candidate for Miss Universe.


The Miss Venezuela Organization said Friday that the country's strict foreign exchange controls, 

imposed amid a general strike earlier this year, have made it unable to obtain 

the dollars to send a candidate to the June 3 pageant in Panama.


This is simply insane. Venezuela puts out stunning beauty queens faster than CNN puts out lies.


The reason for this outrage, this insult to all lovers of beauty and the feminine form?


In January, President Hugo Chavez's government imposed strict

 foreign exchange controls to stop panic dollar buying and protect its depleting 

international reserves amid a failed general strike to try to force his ouster.


Chavez! That b*****d! That d**n socialist, demagogic, FARC-supporting, big-mouthed, pompous anti-American Castro-loving fatigue-clad fool! The red-bereted jackass has broken a fine tradition:


Venezuela has won four Miss Universe crowns, five Miss World crowns and 

three Miss International titles. The last time Venezuela didn't participate in Miss Universe was 1959.


Here is an example of what the world will miss and why it will mourn:


The lovely Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall.

Finalist in 2001 Miss Universe.


George Bush should immediately send Tommy Franks to Caracas and demand the ouster of Chavez. If he refuses to leave an American invasion with the 'coalition of the willing'---which would include every red-blooded American lad outside of San Francisco---and install a pro-Miss Universe regime. Venezuelan oil would be sold to finance Miss Venezuela's trip to Panama to participate in the Miss Universe contest.


This latest insult from Chavez cannot be allowed to stand.


MAY 18

In less than one week there have been four terror suicide bombings: in Saudi Arabia, in Morocco, in Israel. The greatest number of victims have been Arabs---Moslems killing Moslems. To what end all this violence? Could some Moslem tell me the strategic plan behind all of this blood and suicide and immolation and horror and violence?

That is impossible. The killing is the strategic plan. To blast to pieces a bus full of Israelis; to slit the throat of a Moroccan doorman; to shoot to death a Saudi security guard: these were ends in themselves. There is no other goal. There can be no other goal, for Islam is sterile and decayed. It is in its death throes, and like an enraged beast it strikes out where it can at whomever it can. One might as well expect a corpse to swim as to look for some good from Islam to outweigh the evil that spews forth from it.

(And let us not have any of that silly and lachrymose sentiment that claims Islam brings much good to people. There is nothing particularly Islamic about this. Any religion offers it. Zoroastrianism offers it.)

Is there any invention that has come out of Islam in 500 years? Any medical discoveries? Anything to improve the human condition? Advances in Chemistry or Physics or Biology or Mathematics or Astronomy? Anything in Sociology or History or Education or Psychology or Economics? 

So what does Islam offer the world? Well, let us look at all Islamic nations and see what all more or less have in common: poverty, disease, tyranny, misogyny, illiteracy, terror cells, obscurantist theology, violence, corruption, sterility, ignorance, Jew hatred. The total exports of the Arab part of Islam would scarcely equal the output of tiny Finland. Islamic law busies itself with mutilating thieves, beheading women and stoning to death blasphemers. While the Vatican and Paris and London and New York are open to everyone, any non-Moslem caught in Mecca or Medina would be murdered. Few Moslem nations can even supply clean water to their people. It is exactly as C.S. Lewis said, that "horrible religions make horrible nations."

In the world of Islam it is dog-eat-dog, a world gone nuts and mad and spooky with crazed theology and murderous intent: Iraq invades Iran and Kuwait---all three are Islamic states; Algeria murders 200,000 of its own---all Moslems; half of the Sudan---the Moslem north---literally enslaves the other half---the Christian south; The Moslem Taliban terrorized an entire Moslem nation---Afghanistan; Moslem al-Qaeda makes war upon the spiritual center of Islam itself, Saudi Arabia; Islamic Somalia is at war with itself and with Islamic Eritrea---and both of these Hobbesian nightmares join with their Moslem brothers in the Sudan to sexually mutilate their adolescent girls; Moslem Syria sponsors terror brigades in whatever is left of Moslem and Christian Lebanon; Moslem Turks slaughter Moslem Kurds; Sunni hates Shiite; Palestinian mothers exult when their sons and daughters march off to the oblivion of suicide bombing; and on and on and on---always more blood, always more terror, always more degradation. In almost every part of our globe wherever there is violence you can bet that one or both of the parties is a Moslem group or nation. 

The only thing that unites these grotesqueries is their stupefying and mind-boggling hatred for Jews. But can any Moslem nation imagine a world where every Jew has been destroyed? What would they do then? Would they suddenly all bring clean water and freedom and wealth and hygiene and happiness and peace and blooming deserts to their people? Hardly. They would do what they have always done for 1000 years: slaughter other Moslems.

And what must certainly be humiliating to bear is the knowledge that Moslem political society has no mechanism to prevent this killing. The result is that the US, a Christian nation, has become the savior of Moslems in Kuwait, in Somalia, in Kosovo, in Iraq. Without the US Moslem history would be even more incarnadined. And the response from the Moslem world when the US saves untold millions of Moslems from murder and famine and poverty and tyranny? She is bombed; her embassies are destroyed; her people are murdered; her buildings are demolished; her airplanes are bombed out of the sky; she is called 'the Great Satan;' and at every instance of this terrorism Islamic rabble dance in the street. 

For those of you who disagree with the above, imagine the entire world Islamic. Where would you fit in? What would Islam have in store for you? It murders Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists and agnostics and surfers and disco habitués and businessman and children and guards and pizza lovers and airline passengers and diplomats and diplomats' wives and diplomats' children and teachers and writers and missionaries and stewardesses and professors and journalists and free thinkers. Islam builds nothing yet blows to smithereens busses and schools and synagogues and churches and skyscrapers and houses and buildings and embassies and cemeteries and cars and ships and planes. 

I wonder what the average Moslem thinks when he strolls into a relic from his own past---the Blue Mosque for example. There is hardly anything built by human hands as stunningly beautiful as that. Yet modern Islam can no more design and build its equal than it can design and build a sewer or light bulb or running shoe. The Blue Mosque was built by Moslems 400 years ago. What has happened since? Why is Islam so mentally and spiritually and materially impoverished? And why is it so bloody? And why do so few Moslems speak out against its bloodshed and terror and violence?

Islam then

 The Blue Mosque

Islam now

The bombing in Riyadh.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir at least knows why Moslems killed Moslems in Morocco:

The Prime Minister said that the series of terrorist suicide bombing attacks in Casablanca 

were a direct result of Muslim anger at the "aggressive policies of Israel against the Palestinians".

So let us get straight his line of reasoning: when Moslems kills Moslems it is because of the Jews. When Moslems kill Jews it must also be because of the Jews. When Jews kill Moslems it is of course because of the Jews.

Hmm...when a Catholic gets angry he goes to Confession. When a Protestant gets angry he gets on his knees to God. When a Buddhist gets angry he spins a prayer wheel. When a Hindu gets angry he sighs that he has not yet achieved a higher existence. When a Confucian gets angry he mourns the loss of modesty. When an agnostic gets angry he mumbles to himself over a scotch and soda.

But when a Moslem gets angry he has the right to go on a killing spree.

Got it.

MAY 19

If you think that the Middle East is an unpleasant place to be right now, rest assured that other places are worse: the Congo, for example:

Reports of cannibalism circulated in troubled northeastern Congo, 

with terrified witnesses on Monday describing the mutilation and eating of the dead during 

more than week of bloody tribal fighting.


Church leaders and residents in Bunia, the capital of the Ituri district, said Monday that

 Lendu tribal fighters killed civilians and combatants, cutting open their chests and ripping out hearts, 

livers and lungs, which they ate while they were still warm.


"The sight of a corpse with a missing liver and heart is horrific, especially when you know that 

those parts were eaten by fellow human beings and that the same could happen to you," 

said Acquitte Kisembo, a 28-year-old medical student.

He said he saw several bodies with missing parts.

But not to worry, for the UN is to the rescue!

The United Nations is taking the allegations seriously and plans to investigate the reports 

of cannibalism, said Amos Namanga Ngongi, head of the U.N. mission in Congo.


Damn straight! Nothing so frightens a cannibal as "plans to investigate."


And the Axis of Weasels has shown interest:


In Brussels, Belgium, European Union defense ministers said Monday the Congo 

could be a place to deploy their new rapid reaction force.


Now that's a relief! But wait: the force is not yet ready and will not be deployable for several years. What to do in the meantime? Well, there are 700 UN troops already there, but they are not armed. Besides, two of them were devoured last week:


There is still no accurate tally of the dead. Officials were able to count 110 corpses one day last week 

when they were able to go into the street, but it was too dangerous for them to do a full count.

Among the dead are two U.N. military observers, one Jordanian, the other Nigerian.

Their bodies were discovered Sunday in Mongbwalu, a gold mining center about 40 miles northwest of Bunia, 

where they had been "savagely killed," said Hamadoun Toure, spokesman for the U.N. mission in Congo.


The UN response to two of their finest ending up on the wrong end of a fork?


But since the two were reported missing, U.N. observers were withdrawn 

from four areas outside Bunia, the province's capital.


So when the going gets tough, the UN takes off. And of course, it "plans to investigate." That'll show 'em!


To you 'one world' types still addled with dreams of a UN imperium throughout the world, look to the Congo. 


Oh, I almost forgot. It was once a colony of France, charter member of the Axis of Weasels.



The UN actions in the Congo are nothing new. In Rwanda in 1994 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus massacred each other. Romeo Dallaire was the head of the UN Peacekeeping Force there. As he watched Rwanda tumble into a bestial anarchy he pleaded to the UN for more troops. None came.


General Romeo Dallaire did everything he could, pleading for 2000 more peacekeepers to be added

 to his insufficiently equipped 3000 man force. If they had answered Gen. Dallaire's pleas, the U.N.

 could have stopped the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Rwandans. 

Instead, following the deaths of 10 Belgian Peacekeepers assigned to protect the President, 

his forces were cut down from 3000 to a mere 500 men, who had to watch as one of 

the most horrible genocides in human history took place before their very eyes. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, 

frustrated, and disheartened by the U.N.'s passive attitude, nonetheless stood for his beliefs, 

repeatedly confronting his superiors who did nothing to prevent the horrific events from unfolding. 


At the first sign of trouble the UN high-tailed it out of there. And these bravos want to administer Iraq?


Oh, Rwanda was once a colony of another member of the Axis of Weasels, Belgium.


Call Me Nostradamus


It is getting hard for me to keep up with the Axis of Weasels. These slippery rascals and Britain just came up with some spiffy plans for the Congo.


European Union defense ministers said Monday their 60,000-member rapid-reaction force 

was ready for peacekeeping duties, and the Congo could be the first deployment.


OK, so far so good.

But the 15 ministers said the lack of hardware could make it hard to send and protect the troops

 if a conflict intensifies or if they had to undertake more than one mission.


You mean to say that this 'Rapid Reaction Force' is neither rapid


Solana [Javier Solana, the EU's foreign and security policy representative] said it was too early

 to say when an EU force could be ready to deploy, or how large it would be.

 nor reactive


The European Union launched its plan four years ago four years ago to develop a military wing to

 undertake peacekeeping, humanitarian operations and deal with regional crises like the Balkans in the 1990s.


 nor much of a force?


The ministers said shortfalls in equipment meant the EU was still at least several months

 from meeting a goal of having the full force ready to deploy within 60 days for operations

 that could entail risks of heavy fighting.


 What sort of 'hardware' is lacking?


Seeking to minimize costs, the Europeans are considering leasing equipment such as 

big military cargo planes from commercial airlines or from former Soviet republics such as Russia or Ukraine.


You mean that Britain and the Weasels cannot even get their stuff to the Congo? (And would not all of us feel safe in airliners from the Ukraine?)

"We still have a lot to do to meet the shortfalls," said British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon. 

No kidding, Geoff.


No one could make this stuff up.


Memo to those Congolese cannibals: Bon Apetite! (And pass the salt.)


Oh Those Peace-Loving Palestinians!


Some photos from the May 18 homicide bombing in Israel.



Do you see the holes in the bus? That is because the killer used metal pellets mixed with the explosive.


And there will be more (notice the Levis and Timberlands on the top left):


These young men are coming for you; they are coming for me.


Have a pleasant day. 



Not Quite the Virgin Mary

An undated picture handed out by her family in the West Bank city of Tubas May 20, 2003

shows Palestinian Heba Dharaghma who, according to Palestinian sources, carried out

 the Monday afternoon  suicide bombing in Afula.


Miss Dharaghma's family handed out these photos?  


Palestinians murder their own children. So did the Canaanites, to whom they are related by blood and geography.


MAY 24

The Horror. The Horror.

Dead bodies litter Bunia's empty streets. 

From some the blood still drips from machete slashes, spear thrusts and bullet wounds. 

Others are two weeks old and stinking, half-eaten by the packs of dogs...


There are women's bodies scattered in Bunia's main market place;

 a baby's body on its main road; two priests' bodies inside one church.

The nightmare that is the Congo continues apace. In more than four years of war almost 5 million people have been slaughtered. Children as young as 14 fight in the many armies and militias that meander across the nation, creating a grotesque Hobbesian landscape of rape, murder and cannibalism.

If I owned both Hell and the Congo, I would live in Hell and rent out the Congo.

Why Norway?

I can understand al-Qaeda being miffed at the US, the UK and Australia. But its recent press release demands also the destruction of Norway:

O Muslims, take matters firmly against the embassies of America, England, 

Australia, and Norway and their interests, companies, and employees.

Many commentators have shown surprise that al-Qaeda would include Norway on its 'hate list'. But recall that Norwegian commandos were active in Afghanistan hunting down and eliminating al-Qaeda and Taliban killers. The Norwegians surely did not want their exploits to be confused with, or overshadowed by, those of the US Special Forces---national pride, historical antecedents and so on. So we can assume that these modern Vikings left some sort of---how does one delicately say it?---'calling card' where they plied their trade. 

As to what sort of sign was left by the Vikings...let your imagination roam at will, and be thankful they were not after you.


Dear Parents: If you are worried about your little angel's choice of friends, at least you do not have to concern yourselves with this:



This little brat apparently has a rather unique relationship to his 4-meter long python, named Chamreun ('Lucky'). Oeun Sambath, the child, is believed by Cambodian fortune tellers to have been a son of a dragon in a former life. His mother seems a bit casual about the whole affair:


He has been playing with the python ever since he could first crawl," said his mother Kim Kannara, 

who is perfectly happy to allow her son to sleep cheek-by-jowl with the giant constrictor

 even though it could easily have him for dinner. 


"I don't know what is special about the relationship between my son and the snake -- whether

 they were related in their previous lives -- but they certainly can't be separated," Kim Kannara said.

"I once took my son off to the provinces, but we couldn't stay because

 my son was missing Chamreun so much."


Neighbors believe that Oeun will become a healer at the age of seven because of his 'special powers.' I would not count on it. More than likely the little freak will end up in the belly of the beast.


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