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The best guarantor of liberty is to admit Christ as Lord and Savior over men and nations. The next best is to take His advice: And whoever doesn't have a sword should sell his robe and buy one. (Luke 22:36) So I sold my robe and bought a sword---several, actually.

The private ownership of firearms as an essential element to the security of a free people is an obvious fact stated again and again by the Founders. It is also why tyrants both foreign and domestic hate and fear the 2nd Amendment. No other nation has anything like it.

Any man who favors any sort of "gun control" or "registration" is an enemy of liberty. And I would advise any man who fears guns to stay away from them and shut up about them. Firearms are meant for adults, not for children.

When a people surrenders its guns, it surrenders its liberty. History is quite precise on this point. To give up your guns is to become a slave, a ward of the State soon to be beckoned by the gulag.

And I will take seriously the gun control efforts of our effete politicians and Hollywood degenerates only after they eliminate their own well-armed bodyguards. “Those who demand that you surrender your arms, are planning on keeping theirs.”

Each of my firearms is a tool with a specific purpose. Were all men angels and all of nature neither red in tooth nor in claw, these would not be necessary. 

I do not use gun safes, trigger locks or other such nonsense. My firearms are loaded and close at hand. They would not be of much use otherwise.


 Smith and Wesson .40 M&P 

This beautiful semi-automatic pistol is my weapon of choice for self-defense, firearms training and open carry. Call it my go-to gun. There is always a round in the chamber, of course. It is carried with two spare magazines.






 Romanian AK-47  WASR 10 

This is the first rifle I have ever owned. It is not for hunting but for home perimeter defense. I well remember Detroit and Newark in 1967, the LA Riots as well as the breakdown of public services and order that came in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. And Ferguson, Missouri burns as I write these words.

 I cannot prevent such things. What I can do is prepare for them to the best of my ability. This rifle is part of that preparation.  

If civil order and society ever break down---a scenario becoming more and more likely---this AK will allow me to protect and defend life and property---mine as well as yours.


Pistol Skills

Owning and carrying firearms imples the responsibility to always use proper gun handling and control. I maintain both through regular practice and classes.


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