I live in Oklahoma City, home of red-necks and Bible thumpers and trucks and guns. Here we are in love with God, Country and Family—and Smith and Wesson and the Marine Corps. We voted for Bush and will vote Republican in 2008. If you Left Coast visitors even think of pulling here what you pull there, expect an immediate and painful response.

Once upon a time I lived in Portland, Oregon. I came to hate the place. The disease of liberalism infected it. All of liberalism’s ensuing disasters came to pass—public sexual deviancy, political corruption, an obnoxious ‘homeless’ rabble, pierced and tattooed teens bumming money in the streets, rising crime rates, uninhabitable public spaces and on and on.

It became what one would expect when the entire public arena is controlled by the Democrat Party. Of course the state of Oregon went for Clinton and Kerry big time, as the politics there are dominated by the urban center of Portland.

Portland also has the lowest church attendance in the nation, a powerful abortion and euthanasia lobby, and a strong and vocal—and disgustingly public—sodomite community.

Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are all Democrat dominated places—thus all are infected in the same way and by the same illness.

And Portland, being a Democrat city, is where we can expect the usual antics and street theater. Here is a photo from the latest event, something called a ‘peace rally.’ More such photos can be found here.

But for God’s sake don’t question their patriotism.

Update: I came across another photo from the same event. I have altered the expletive. The banner ‘No gods. No country. No masters.’ perfectly sums up Portland. When push comes to shove those in Portland—and in all of the Left Coast enclaves—will be entirely easy to conquer. Ann Coulter’s prescription for the Middle East—‘invade their lands, conquer their peoples and convert them to Christianity’—must be done to the deranged folk of Portland.

It is not just their patriotism that is in question, but their reason.