Black Mesa State Park 

2011 and 2013

During the first week of August 2011 I drove the truck to the Oklahoma panhandle to visit the highest spot in the state, a place called Black Mesa. It is near Black Mesa State Park, where I camped for three days. It was hot and windy but pleasant---at least most of the time. My tent held up to the winds just fine, but the crazy heat---107 at one time---sapped my energy and my appetite. Mostly I simply sat in the camp chair and read a few History books.  This was not a bad way to prepare for the coming school year, all things considered. I hiked a bit, but one can see all there is to see in two hours or so of walking. The park was full of deer and other critters, and coyotes yapped at night. Drinking water there was a plenty, as well as showers and shade. Next year I will visit again, as the park is only a few miles from the New Mexico border. The scenery as you drive into New Mexico is marvelous, and some 4 hours later you will be in the Carson National Forest.

UPDATE: I visited this park again in July, 2013. Some of the photos are below.


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