Favorite Posts 

(From 2003 - 2006)

Wheelchair Man

The Emptiness of Maureen Dowd

Herod Among Us


The God Dances

Axis of Imbeciles

Cyrus the Great and Ahmadinejad the Not

Champions of Moloch

Captains of the Age

Santayana Laughs

Less is More

Shadows and Dust

Caesar and the Cross

Blowhards and Big Bellies

The Democrats Get Religion

Something And Nothing

Death to Them That Follow

Not Quite Soldiers of God

Soldiers of God

Something More Than Feelings

Luckless Iguanas and Monkeys of Gold

The Reign of Chac

Attack of the Invisibles  

Errors of Our Age

All Highs, No Lows

Goodbye To All That

Avanti Central America


How to Leave Home

Not Quite Green Hell

Lions and Tigers Not Bears

God in History

Sins of the Intellect


The Cause of War

The Impossible Atheist


Catholics Oppress Women

Across Time and Space

A World Gone Islamic

World Wars



Troy  Redux

Wild Things

War and Killing

Islam and World Conquest

Western Civ 101

La Prensa de Hoy


CNN People

Damn Yanquis

The Greatest Killers of All

New Year Predictions 2004


The Impossibility of the UN

The Messy Arab Street