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Always be willing to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.

---William Blake

You have heard the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” If you really believe this, then meet me with a pen and I will meet you with a sword. End of argument. That being said, there is indeed much power in the written word. It can at its finest transcend mere temporal power, outlasting every man and every empire.

I make no such claim about my own writing. I like to write, that is all.

I began to put cyber pen to cyber paper early in 2003. Some of what is written here still makes sense. Some does not. Some of what is written here I still agree with. Some I do not. Some of what is written here seems very dated; some seems very contemporary indeed.

I am neither scholar nor theologian, nor am I particularly brilliant (no matter what my mom said). I have lived too many lives, read too many books, seen too much of the world, taken too many chances and suffered too many fools---myself included. The results are below. 

Some essays are too long, some are too short; all show how I thought at the time. Some show how I still think. Their order is haphazard, rather like my mind. 

While writing I always remember that an opinion not strongly held is not worth holding. 

My favorite posts can be found here.

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