The Darien Gap



Abandoned_Choco_village_Darien.jpg (68098 bytes)  

Abandoned Choco village


 At_border_of_Panama_and_Colombia.jpg (78485 bytes) 

At the Panama-Colombia border


 img0018.jpg (94401 bytes) 

Choco home 


Choco_hut_Darien.jpg (100229 bytes)  

Abandoned Choco hut

 darien.jpg (99990 bytes)

Banana plantation

pa1.jpg (79768 bytes) 

Girl paddling canoe

pa41.jpg (77228 bytes)

Children of the Darien

With_Choco_family_Darien.jpg (85736 bytes)

With Choco family

pa81.jpg (72754 bytes)

Children of the Darien

river.jpg (79028 bytes)

Jungle river


With Choco Indian

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