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Oil Painting 


Winter Camping 2012 


Choco Village, Darién, 1987

Long-haired, Shirtless and Stupid

1978 Long Hair

1977 Long Hair

Idiot Hippy 1976

Darien Gap, 1987

Sergeant Stripes, 1974

Wounded Knee, 2000

Wounded Knee, the next day

Bariloche Grin, 1996

Mayan Stelae, 1986

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

How To Feed A Tapir, 1983

Triathlon 1983

Friends, 1978

Machu Picchu Llama, 1987

End of the Inca Trail, 1987

Camping at Mayan ruins of Ceibol, 1987

Tucumé, Peru, 1997

Looking for Honduran gold, 1996

Living With Honduran Gold Miners, 1996

Nicaraguan hitch-hiking, 1983

With local gunmen in Guatemala 1987

Colca Canyon, Peru 2002

With Honduran Moskito Indian children, 1987

The village of Platano, Honduran Moskito Coast 1987

Staying with campesino in Guatemalan jungle, 1998

Guatemala, 1983

Ambassador's Ball, 2003

Old Jeep 2006

Honduras 2004

Honduras AK 47

Guatemala 2006

Guatemala 2007

Guatemala 2008

Guatemala 2010

Man in Black 2009

Classy, 2005

Mom and I

White Rock Mountain 2008

Caprock State Park, Texas, 2009

Old Bug-Eyes

Hiking Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, 2009

I Need a Shave 2011

Black Mesa State Park 2011 - 2013

Beard 2012

Rocky Mountain Camping

Tent and Tarp in the New Mexico Rain

Why I Am So Smart

How I See Myself

How Others See Me

El Greco and Mike Austin

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