This post will always be on top. After a twelve year hiatus—see here for the backstory—at long last I will return to the jungles of Central America for three months beginning in February. There are yet jungles there that I have not explored, and this deficiency must be made up. Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua have … Read more

Much of History has been moved along by teenaged girls. Mary the mother of Christ was 14. Bernadette Soubirous was also 14. Joan of Arc was 15. Sacajawea was 16. The Romans married off their girls at 14. An unmarried 16 year old girl was an embarrassment. These days unmarried 30 year old women are … Read more

If anyone was confused about who destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline, that wonderment no longer applies. But it was clear from the beginning that it was the US—but of course—that engineered this massive and unprecedented attack upon another nation’s infrastructure. And that nation was said to be an ally of the US. With friends like … Read more

The US and her sock puppets NATO and the EU thought they could handily defeat Russia through sanctions and making war in Ukraine. Instead, Russia got stronger, Ukraine is going down to utter destruction and all of Europe is entering a depression. So the movers and shakers in Washington are asking themselves, “Now what?” It … Read more

Apparently there was something on last night called the “Grammy Awards”. It seems that they were entirely Satanic and displayed out and out worship of the Devil. Folks who watched them were outraged. But why? If they had not watched them, they would not have been outraged. And just what did those who viewed such … Read more

Folks were so worried about that Chinese balloon that they took videos of the thing and then posted them on Chinese controlled and monitored TikTok. Perhaps they ended their day with a bowl of Kung Pao Chicken washed down with Tsingtao beer.

I’m trying to picture this in my mind, but I can’t: New Video Released Shows Double Amputee Stabbing Man Before Police Shoot Him Dead as He Runs Away on His Stumps Stumpy apparently had lost his legs after a recent altercation with police. (I wonder how that happened?) He didn’t learn from that first incident … Read more

Put yourself in Zelenskyy’s boots. In the past two weeks most of his allies in the Ukrainian government have been removed from power or have died in a helicopter “accident”. His own people hate him, his army is collapsing, the most powerful nation on earth is moving 600,000 men toward his capital of Kiev, his … Read more

I had never heard of this idiot until a few months ago when he was referenced on a YouTube channel I frequent. It seems he is incarcerated in Romania for sex trafficking. The channel’s owner went on and on about how Tate must be considered “innocent until proven guilty”. Nope. That phrase only has merit … Read more