From the New York Times comes this headline:

A Christian Site Grapples With Muslim Mysteries

The boys over at The American Thinker see the piece as ridiculing Christians. They are right. I have got so used to media bigotry that it just slides right off. I recall the Washington Post refering to Christians as “poor, uneducated and easily led.”

I do not expect our pagan media to comprehend the workings of the God of Christians and Jews. In fact I do not expect them to comprehend much of anything.

And has the New York Times suddenly become an expert in ‘Muslim mysteries,’ whatever those things might be? Of the three great monotheisms Islam is the one with the least reference to the supernatural—the fewest true mysteries. No Trinity. No Incarnation. No Resurrection. The Moslem heaven portrayed in the Koran resembles something like my apartment when I was in college. Alcohol and women, not much else. Nothing ‘mysterious’ about all of this.

The real ‘mysteries’ of Islam completely escape the media. Such as: Why does Islam tolerate suicide bombing and the repression of women? Why is it so sterile and impoverished? Why is  it so riddled with crude and blood curdling hatred of Jews?

Can anyone imagine our bold media writing an article ridiculing Islam? The answer is not a mystery at all.