Fidel’s corpse just celebrated its 80th birthday. (I am sticking with my story that the Cuban hijo de la chingada is at room temperature.) And so it was time to break out the champange and wish the dead tyrant a Happy Birthday. 

Of course the festivities had to happen in San Francisco, the official home of public sodomy. (Ironic that the city was named after Saint Francis of Assisi. I doubt that the old boy would approve.) And so a group of well-certified San Franciscan moonbats got togther and held—what else?—an ‘arts festival.’ The San Francisco Sentinel proudly proclaims

Happy Birthday Fidel

San Franciscans honor the life of the world’s longest reigning revolutionary leader

There was dancing. There was poetry. There was music. There were tidings of peace and joy. And of course there was the required hatred of everything normal and responsible.

One dancer, a damsel named Krissy Keefer, commented that

The actual Dear Fidel piece was originally created last year when we did the first Cuba-Caribe festival and I did it as a tribute to Fidel Castro because Cuba and Castro were being so heavily attacked by [Secretary of State] Condoleeza Rice and the Bush administration.

Lucky thing that Ms. Keefer did not channel Sharon Stone.

Here is another ‘performance artist,’ one Jose Navarette, who appears vaguely male.

And then there was the pre-pubescent doggerel that one always hears at such gatherings. I present to you a (thankfully small) sample from the poet laureate of this flotsam, Jack Hirschman. Here this imbecile is raving about Bush and America.

…while a murder machine waves the false flag of security
and makes war on the poor of the world.
What is more insecure than the empty belly of a child?

The president of the other America knows that there is
a poverty that is the wealth of the world. Viva the poverty
of Cuba that makes even the comrade on the cross applaud.

Viva the dignity of Cuba, whose island arms stretch
all the way to the equality of love that is Africa.
There is a man who has understood that life is worth.

Enough! Even I have my limits.

China once threatened to do to San Francisco what old Yahweh did to Sodom and Gomorrah. Is that deal still on?

(Hat tips: Bablu Blog and Sean Gleeson)