I have been working with WordPress for about one week. I love the thing.  It needs much time and loving care to set up correctly. I want it to work exactly as I wish it to. Call me a perfectionist.

There are perhaps 500 themes—templates—written for WordPress. I am trying many of them. Thus, my blog might appear a bit weird from time to time. Eventually I will find the theme of perfection. And when I do…bliss!

So not much writing until this is done. And writing is the reason why I began to blog in the first place. So the phrase must be festina lente—make haste slowly. And all will be well.

In the meantime get to a church or temple or synagogue or mosque. Worship there One greater than the one who glares back at you in the mirror. You will be better for it.

And get over to Kobyashi Maru. He just returned from some down time in the woods. He needed it, a need I understand perfectly.