Ecclesiastes had an ear for his times and for ours.

To everything there is a season…a time for love, a time for hate, a time for peace, a time for war. (3:1-8)

Some in the West believe that some sort of peace is possible with the radical Islamist ideology. True enough, one can have peace with it by converting to its own dogmas. One can become a dhimmi.

Many on our side already have for all intents and purposes joined the other side. The media come to mind, as does Hollywood and the academy. And there are some well-known names there as well: Jimmy Carter, for one.

But for most Americans, dhimmitude is not an option. Most of us neither think nor act like our fellows in San Francisco and Seattle. We are not cowards and we like a fight.

And we are fighting for the existence of our civilization. You can laugh at this or deny this. Such attitudes change exactly nothing. Our enemy has proclaimed his intentions through deeds and words for a generation. He despises us: our freedom, our democracy, our culture. He has murdered us whenever he could get at us. He has blown our airliners out of the sky and has used them to destroy our buildings. He attacks us everywhere—in Kenya, in Argentina, in Australia, in Israel, in France, in Holland, in Spain, in Bali, in England—and every time amid oceans of blood he screams, “Jihad! Jihad! Death to America!”

He hates our guts. He wishes to murder our women and children. He has given us the courtesy of being absolutely clear about this time after time.

He seems serious to me. Does he seem serious to you? Or would you like more convincing? How about a mushroom cloud over Boston? Would that convince you?

What we have here is nothing like a ‘failure to communicate.’ What we have here is a culture war, a ‘clash of civilizations.’ History has provided numerous examples of what these wars are like. Simply stated: At the end of a culture war one of the antagonists is not merely defeated but has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Rome and Carthage. Greece and Persia. Spain and the Aztecs. Union and Confederacy. America and the Nazis. What happened to the culture and civilization of the defeated? They were exterminated.

And that is what radical Islam has in store for us, extermination. Nothing less than the extermination of the God of the Bible will do. He will be replaced by the god of the Koran.

This is a war for our times, a war to end all wars, the greatest and longest we have fought. We may call it such, or we may call it World War IV or the Great Middle Eastern War.

The skirmishing is almost over. Both sides have prepared the ground. All allies and neutrals have so identified themselves. Havoc is about to be declared.

Who will win? We will win. The cost will be horrendous but most of it will be born by the foe. He will go out of this world in a blaze of suicidal glory. His cities incinerated, his seed wiped out, he will be no more. He demands that it be so.

So be it.