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I hate sports. Period. Don’t talk to me about them. Don’t ask my opinion about this team or that team. Don’t ask if I saw some game the night before. No, I did not. My loathing of sports began when I was a youth, a mere lad. My brother was a born athlete, a natural … Read more

Something was amiss after writing the piece on Clinton yesterday. I was ill. It was some vague uneasiness, a physical and spiritual nausea. I felt dirty, as if covered by sort of grime that could not be removed by soap. In high school I worked for a hospital. Part of my job was to clean … Read more

By now the entire world knows about the meltdown of Bill Clinton during his Fox interview. From the lowest of Egyptian street sweepers to Ted Kennedy’s bartender, all have seen an ex-president of the US rant, bully, gesture wildly and with eyes all a-bug point a pudgy finger at Chris Wallace. Commentators all across the … Read more

Alas! Much to do and only a few days to get it all done. Grading that is; grading and working with new software mandated—a word that means ‘do it or else’—by the Oklahoma City School District. The idea itself is cool. All teachers in Oklahoma City will keep their grades, assignments, comments, progress reports and such … Read more

Yeah, more ‘Short Takes.’ I must get to the 8 AM Mass. I can hardly stand the music at the late Mass. So here goes… Forget jail. Forget psychologists. Forget all that mumbo-jumbo of the therapeutic culture and touchy-feely liberal mish-mash of what passes for penology today. Here is how Texans deal with purveyors of … Read more

In any war there are those who do the actual fighting and dying. There are the home-front bound who support the troops. And there are those who do neither, who simply caterwaul about this and that, and who disdain the profession of arms. It is for this group that Kipling wrote While it’s Tommy this, … Read more

I see that you both are on the road again. And who can blame you? After all, the delights of Caracas and Tehran are not at all obvious. Both capitals are ridiculously dirty and crowded. It must be a relief to leave your dingy little nations and visit the 21st century, if only for awhile. … Read more

Just a short note to remind us of the men we war against. Here is how they treat us: Here is how they treat each other: Bodies found in the Baghdad morgue “often bear signs of severe torture including acid-induced injuries and burns caused by chemical substances, missing skin, broken bones – back, hands and … Read more

I have made fun of Canadians a few times—like yesterday—but today’s news brings me great hope from north of our border. Lest you believe that those maple syrup gathering, moose hunting, plaid wearing and beer swilling Canucks are becoming a bit French in their war making, read this: Canadian-led offensive may have killed 1,500 Taliban fighters The … Read more

How does President George Bush take all the abuse that has been heaped upon him over the last six years? Such calumny exceeds anything this country has witnessed since the days of Old Abe—and that says much. It is almost inhuman, this patience, this forbearance. I could never do it. I would have tossed Ted, Pinch, … Read more