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A little less than three years ago I stumbled out of the Peruvian Andes. I had just finished a walk of 13 days and nights around Inca ruins and frozen peaks. I grabbed a shower and some beers in Cuzco, and then high-tailed it to Central America. Four months I spent there wandering the jungles … Read more

All of my good intentions that wished Castro had left for Eternity seem to have been for naught. For the gruesome killer is apparently still lurking about, walking on quavering legs that support a body chock-full of cancer. He has appeared in his own home movie which sent his irrumators squealing with bootlicked glee. Castro’s close … Read more

Alas, I have to dip my cyber pen into the James Webb muck a second time. The reason is all those usually level-headed Republican bloggers out there in a state of outrage—against Allen. Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nuthouse is typical. There must be limits beyond which a candidate is penalized for exceeding. The absolutely … Read more

I am in the habit of reading Scripture every day. It is one of my very few good habits. And it is always done with coffee in hand. I have read the Bible three times but never completely. The laws and generations in books such as Numbers and Deuteronomy were simply skipped over. Now I … Read more

You have read of James Webb’s contributions to American literature. (No, I will not quote any of them.) They are pornographic, pedophilic and homoerotic. To describe them any other way is to succumb to moral imbecility. This very disturbed fellow is running for United States senator from Virginia against Republican George Allen. The race has … Read more

By now you have seen the distressing video of Michael J. Fox. Yes, I know that he purposefully went off his medications to make his point. But what point was he making? That Parkinson’s is awful? We already knew that. That when a sick man avoids his medicines he gets sicker? We already knew that. … Read more

It happened again this morning. A blog whose owner is a perceptive writer will no longer be on my blogroll. It is too bad as I enjoyed his style, though he was updating less and less. The reason is language. I fail to see why anyone needs to resort to using foul language to express … Read more

Any teacher will tell you this truism: A class with more girls than boys will be better behaved and will earn better grades than another class with more boys than girls. This is one of those Indisputable Facts of the Universe that are obvious to anyone who knows anything at all about adolescents. When girls … Read more

I thought I was a bit hard yesterday on that trivial frivolity from Illinois, one Barack Obama. It happens sometimes. I awaken at 2 AM, have a chat with the Lord and then head to the computer. If I am tired—and I am almost always tired—I hit the keyboard with undue sarcasm and venom. All … Read more

All the media foreplay about that senator from Illinois Barack Obama sure does entertain. It is a real dog-and-pony show, all smoke and mirrors. Obama hints at running for president in 2008, but what he is really after is the vice-presidential nomination on Hillary’s ticket. But when rumors begin to leak out that Obama’s father … Read more