Archives : Nov-2006

The post-mortems are done. We have wailed and gnashed teeth. Our pre-election poll sheets are tear stained and torn. We have commiserated with our fellows over innumerable scotch and sodas. We have tossed blame about more wildly than the Clinton gang tossed out lies. We have inspected the data more closely than a Roman general … Read more

I got back from the woods just in time to catch the latest from the debauched and overeducated freaks who infest academia. It is a new discipline, a long needed and essential study on the Brave New World of combining an overactive fork with sexual degeneracy. So move over Quantum Mechanics, here comes…‘Fat Studies.’ It seems … Read more

What a mess! The Republicans are still shell-shocked from their electoral loss. Bush is flopping around like a castrated and one-flippered dolphin. Syria has re-commenced her murder spree in hapless Lebanon. Iran has promised to rain fire and sword upon Israel. The Democrats have promised defeat in Iraq. A Bush daughter is robbed in Argentina. … Read more

There was a certain house in a certain neighborhood. The owners of this house and his family were unpleasant. They did not keep their house very tidy. On some nights a horrible screaming could be heard coming from the house. Sometimes the sons of the owner of the house would go into the neighborhood to … Read more

Another ghost has entered WordPress. What this means is I must use this theme—called ‘White Weasel’—rather than my favorite—‘Sapphire’—because the other themes do not format well for some odd reason. They do not show the right sidebar, for example. So my site will look strange until I can work things out. Or maybe I will … Read more

He’s back! Old Henry Kissinger, that is. The Wise One himself has been retained by Republican movers and shakers to arrange our retreat from Iraq. Stop complaining of my use of the word ‘retreat.’ For that is exactly what it will be. Hank is being trotted out to cover the shambles of Iraq with some … Read more

The dust from the elections has settled. Conclusions have been made, plans have been set, political knives have been sharpened. Both parties are all a-whirl with maneuvering openly and behind the scenes. There is much yapping of the politicos who ride heard over us. What is the point of all this sound and fury? The … Read more

I just read that Milton Friedman has died at the ripe old age of 94. He and his wife Rose have done more for freedom in this nation than most people could possibly realize. It was in 1989 that I first encountered the doctrines of economic freedom as laid down in Free To Choose. After … Read more

Sometimes it is well and good to take stock of all the problems in the world. To look around and see what things are out there that cause headaches big and small for policy makers. Let’s start south of the Rio Grande. Mexico is a mess politically and economically, with the additional benefits of being … Read more