Archives : Dec-2006

I am back in what passes for civilization here in the jungle town of Flores, Guatemala. All that I wanted to do—indeed, all that I needed to do—I did. Wee. This walk took six days and was about 40-45 miles long. I will write much more about it later when I return to Oklahoma. All … Read more

One thinks of weather one way in civilization and another way in the jungle. Out there in the forest there are only two seasons, wet and dry. Technically the dry season has begun in Guatemala. But up north in Mayan country storms are brewing. Checking yahoo weather we see this extended forecast for Flores, Guatemala: … Read more

I sit in my living room with the equipment I will take to the jungles of Guatemala strewn about. Here is the backpack and tent; there is the knife and machete; and everywhere are clothes. I see my ancient compass and my new GPS. The jungle boots look as good as when I bought them … Read more

We usually do not know when genius walks among us. And neither do we know from whence such talent comes. That is, we usually do not know. In the case of this 12 year old girl in this video we most certainly know. And so will you when you view it. (Hat tip: Spirit Daily)

I read today that the pollster James Zogby is at it again. A new survey shows Arab attitudes toward American people, products and culture grew increasingly negative last year, a finding that underscores the need for a change in U.S. Mideast policy, a leading expert on the region said on Thursday. So Zogby is now … Read more

So many times in the last 25 years have I begun what I am now beginning, a preparation to spend time alone in the jungles of Central America. It is a well-rehearsed and practiced affair. Every piece of backpacking equipment I own must be brought out. That which is suitable for jungle work will be … Read more

Mitt Romney is having a bit of a problem. He wants to be the Republican Party candidate for president. He claims the Reagan mantle of conservatism so as to place himself to the right of libertine Giuliani and media flake John McCain. Ah…but there are some small details from his past. He has been a … Read more

Mel Gibson knocked another one out of the park with Apocaplypto. Yes, it was bloody—but it was about the Maya, a culture obsessed with blood and the blood-soaked god, Kulkulkan. It was also stunningly beautiful, evocative of the decline and degeneracy of the late Maya era. Much of the violence of the film was more Aztec than … Read more

General Augusto Pinochet of Chile died today at 91. He had been a bête noire of the international Left since 1973. The Left had good reason to hate him. For he was in all things that which they detested: a pro-American military dictator who eliminated Chilean communists by the thousands. To make matters as bad … Read more