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Alas, I have a stack of essays and exams to grade, several Academic Bowl competitions coming up and miles to go before I sleep. I will be back writing and instructing the world on proper behavior in a few days or so. If I delay grading these assignments my students will howl. Now, we can’t … Read more

Some Carpenter once said something about knowing a tree by eating its fruit. And let me tell you, after 15 years in the business of teaching adolescents this is as true as it can be. If anyone had any doubts about the mentality of the moral imbecile who gave birth to Dakota Fanning, you need … Read more

My favorite smell? Cordite. After you’ve fired a gun.—Peter O’Toole Yes, I know that the word ‘cordite’ as used by Lawrence of Arabia above was used incorrectly. He meant ‘gunpowder.’ But I agree with him. I just returned from the shooting range with my new pop-gun, the Smith and Wesson 329 PD. It was the … Read more

What a disappointment! I was told that there would appear one day an anti-Christ. Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. (1 John 2:18) Who is the liar? It is … Read more

Why are the ‘back to nature’ types always complaining about this or that machine or car or power plant or lumber company? If these nature worshippers—all those granola eating, sandal wearing, hairy legged and vegetarian weird beards who belong to Greenpeace and sundry organizations—want to ‘get back to nature’ they can easily do so without … Read more

I made an error. I assumed something in the post this morning about that sexy horse. The assumption was that a man had sex with it. Here is some more information. In the predawn hours of July 2, 2005, a dying man was dropped off at a rural emergency room in the Pacific Northwest. A … Read more

In August I wrote about yet another disturbing trend in the continued debasement of human sexuality. After special sodomite privilege, a popular play celebrating the lesbian rape of a 13 year old girl, brokeback mountains and NAMBLA, I predicted that the next activity in sexual perversion would be zoophilia—sex with animals. And it has arrived. … Read more

To get a flavor of what passes for rebuttal and commentary on the Left, check out one of their flagship sights called Think Progress. The subject here is an interview with William Kristol, the editor of the neocon journal The Weekly Standard. Now, I am no neocon, or even a neo-neocon, but some of their … Read more

I have long pondered why Islam is so attractive to so many. After due reflection I believe that I have come up with some reasons why its ranks swell faster than the coffers of Bill Gates. We must first try to imagine a Moslem wannabe shopping around the differing faiths before finally deciding to buy … Read more

I receive e-mail of all sorts. Sometimes the writer is angry and leaves some comment on my blog. That is fine. I am pleased that he reads my writing. Perhaps he will learn something. I always—except in one case—respond. Here is the comment to which no response was sent: so the spanish hoard murdering and … Read more