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The media sharks are out for Mitt Romney. I had wondered when the mendacious and treasonous folk who run every major news outlet would begin their attack on any possible shred of decency in a Republican candidate. Now our lovely media have shown their hand. Their little assault upon him because some ancestor more than … Read more

Like every man my age I had a little record player as a lad. I would listen to the ‘top 40’ an the AM radio and do my best to buy the 45 rpm records when they came out. When money permitted I bought as many 33 rpms as I could. My mother had a … Read more

Here are some cool quotes from gun nuts. From women—and feminist women to boot! Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.—Susan B. Anthony I carried (a revolver) religiously… and asked a friend…to give me some practice in target shooting so that if the need arose I … Read more

It is impossible to define an entire people with one word. It is also impossible to define an entire people with one picture—unless we speak of Americans. Here is the picture. Its oils and canvas show everything that made us into the most dynamic people in History. It is by George Henry Boughton (1834-1905) and … Read more

Yesterday I completed the class that allows me to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. It was an all-day affair. The instructors were a funny lot and chock full of information. One of them was a middle-aged lass with a .45 strapped on her waist.  The day ended perfectly with a session at … Read more

It’s off to work I go. Teaching has its normal times, times of lectures and exams and grading and such. Then it has its dizzying times, times of parent-teacher-student conferences, meetings, progress reports and teacher in-service. These are the dizzying times. There is much to do and miles to go before I sleep—and no time … Read more

America has a deadly and insatiable worm at her heart. This monster devours huge swaths of the next generation. Its voracity has destroyed 40,000,000 human lives, all of whom were Americans. Like Moloch of old the creature demands the blood sacrifice of children. That monster is abortion. It is quite literally killing us in body … Read more

Dear George and Abraham: I send you greetings, gentlemen, from Oklahoma City. Don’t worry if you cannot find that place on a map, for it did not exist when you served as presidents. I want to honor you during this month of your birthdays. What you did for this nation can never be repaid. It is … Read more

I awoke this morning a bit before 2 AM, as I normally do. The plan was the usual one: prepare a large cup of French press coffee, read Scripture, say a Decade of the Rosary, bemoan to God my manifest sins and then head for the computer to read, answer e-mails and open my fecund … Read more

By now all have heard about that vulgar female blogger hired by the ambulance chasing and omni-competent John Edwards. Never heard of him? He wants to be president. I hope he makes the ticket. His campaign would be fun to watch. Anyway, the blog-creature he put on the payroll has had many ‘interesting’ posts on … Read more