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The Democrats are at it again, bowing down and surrendering to America’s enemies. They are good at this game, having had much practice. We need not spend much time on their dreary and treasonous history. We well remember the likes of Fonda and Kerry during Vietnam, of Ted Kennedy and a legion of other Democrats … Read more

Some days ago a group of moral imbeciles got together and discussed something wildly outside of their understanding. That ‘something’ was the Bible. The fools there assembled were Barbara Walters, Rosie O’Donnell and their like. To read their conversation is to become absolutely breathless at the ignorance and arrogance of the chattering classes. I will … Read more

File this post under ‘not enough time in the world.’ Yesterday I accompanied the usual horde of squealing adolescents to the National History Day competition. On Friday I will go to the National Geography bee. Match these with the standard teacher fare of essays, grading, lectures and moral lessons and we have a rather busy … Read more

Here are two rather erotic but chaste poetic pieces. One comes from the ancient Jews. The other comes from the world of Islam. Can you tell which is which? The first. Her breasts were orbs of light most pure, Twin bubbles new risen from the fountain of Kafur. Two young pomegranates grown on one spray, … Read more

The Democrats are mostly as Ann Coulter described them, ‘Godless.’ Truly there is a relation between Christianity and patriotism, Christianity and love making, Christianity and public morality. Some population segments are notorious church avoiders. For instance, 47% of political liberals are unchurched, more than twice the percentage found among political conservatives (19%). Democrats can be … Read more

Oh dear! John McCain is a little short of money for his campaign. What is he to do? Easy answer: Drop out. He has spent six years insulting and backstabbing just those folks whose money and votes he now needs. But McCain is either blind or is conjuring up some fantasy to explain his failure. … Read more

There was a time in our nation when such things as what happened in Portland—yes, again Portland. Illness left uncured always gets worse—would have led to the perverted sociopaths who performed such a public abomination to be thrown in jail for a long time. Now they are acclaimed by their peers. Perhaps the most disturbing … Read more

I am a bit of a geek, always tinkering and tampering with my machines—whether Jeep or audio system or computer—for that perfect look and feel. Such a fantasy never arrives but I get close. I am close now with all three. Today I bought Windows Vista Basic, the 32-bit version. (The 64-bit DVD must be … Read more

I live in Oklahoma City, home of red-necks and Bible thumpers and trucks and guns. Here we are in love with God, Country and Family—and Smith and Wesson and the Marine Corps. We voted for Bush and will vote Republican in 2008. If you Left Coast visitors even think of pulling here what you pull … Read more

Last year the weather gurus—you know, those chicken littles who yammer constantly about climate change and ice caps and polar bears—predicted a season of Katrinas. All wrong. Not one hurricane struck the US. The United States emerged unscathed from the 2006 season after it spawned a below-average nine storms, of which five became hurricanes. Experts had … Read more