I love talk radio. While on summer vacation I am able to indulge more often that those months when I have to act as the usual working stiff with limited time. In June and July it is Dr, Laura, Rush, Lars Larson, Glen Beck and Michael Savage—the latter of course in small does. Savage is clearly a madman and a misanthrope, but he is a rather entertaining one.

While working the other months of the year I have only the time to listen to Rush. I have respected this man since he began on radio. The service Rush has provided to the conservative movement cannot be calculated. He is cool and respectful toward his audience. Besides, the Left absolutely hates the guy—yet another reason to love him.

I have met many who say things like “I hate Limbaugh!” but when pressed they cannot even name the local radio station he appears on. No doubt my loyal readers have had a similar experience with those shrill and ignorant dogmatists who hate this and hate that about Rush but who cannot come up with any actual thing said by him.

But such is our tolerant Left.

And please spare me the charges of ‘bigotry, homophobia, racism’ because I listen to conservative talk radio. I have heard all of them before. If I am to be charged by the Left with some thought-crime, at least it could be an original one. How about the latest heinous offence of the Left, being a ‘global warming denier’? Alas, I am guilty! You will have to come to my home and arrest me. You had better be armed if you do so because I will be. And you had better be a good shot because I am one.

You will of course notice that I omitted the name of one guy on conservative talk radio. He is popular too. His name is Sean Hannity. I do not much listen to him because he is a punk. And an arrogant and condescending one too. And he is yappy, like one of those little dogs rich women in Manhattan carry around with them all day. Hannity is exactly the sort of guy who everyone in high school wished to punch in the chops.

And I have no doubt that many of Hannity’s school chums did exactly that—and may God bless them for it.

Hannity pretends sweetness and light to all who call in. In fact the fellow is quite rude and intolerant. He allows liberals on, not to hear them make their case but rather to cut them off, ridicule them, laugh at them and then brag about his own heroics in doing so. In 18 years of Limbaugh I have never heard Rush do anything of the sort.

Hannity is also a lightweight. He cannot command enough interest or knowledge about ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ to have a complete show without guests. His regulars include Ann Coulter, Oliver North and that Clinton pal and sexual pervert—sorry for the redundancy—Dick Morris.

Hannity seems to have it out for that silly Hollywood creep Alec Baldwin. They had a run in some time ago. That must have been some conversation, as they seem very much alike in their treatment of their fellows—except that Baldwin is stupid and Hannity is not.

Anyway, Hannity plays again and again the tapes of his encounters with Baldwin. Why? Such bragging about a victory over a mental midget is hardly heroic. It is adolescent—a group of guys and girls I understand very well, as I make my living understanding them. In this childishness Hannity reminds one of some video arcade habitué who bores all who know him with his expertise at this or that game.

What really bothers me about this radio punk is his parading of his Catholicism. I never thought he was Christian, to say nothing of being a Catholic. I have been around the Church, oh, since my Baptism, and can tell if someone really believes what the Church says or if he is a pretender.

Hannity is a pretender. A fake. A fraud. A heretic, even. Or perhaps he is just ignorant. But what is particularly Christian about him, anyway? I only bring this up because Hannity does.

These thoughts intrude this calm morning because of an article I read from the conservative American Spectator. Hannity had yet another run-in with a guest on Hannity & Colmes, a Catholic priest no less, Father Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International. It was not pretty. It was Hannity in his purest and most arrogant form.

The dispute centered on Mr. Hannity’s public endorsement of artificial birth control and Fr. Euteneuer’s charge that he is a “heretic” because he claims to be a Catholic in good standing while rejecting the significant moral teaching of the Catholic Church on the subject. What followed really wasn’t pleasant.

From the start, Hannity was clearly perturbed and this was evident in his refusal to address Euteneuer by the title of “Father,” as would any good Catholic under ordinary circumstances. He then delivered a rapid series of questions intimating that Fr. Euteneuer should not “judge” him without knowing his religious background, as if that had anything to do with the controversy.

To read the entire article is to know that Hannity, the self-professed Catholic, is actually either ignorant or a liar.

As badly as Fr. Euteneuer’s charge of heresy may have stung, Hannity’s response was no less scathing. One is not accustomed to hearing a self-professed “devout Catholic” address a member of the clergy — albeit one who was attempting to correct a grievous moral error — in such an angry manner. Yet, at no time did Fr. Euteneuer raise his voice or lose his temper.

So there you have it, Sean Hannity treating a Catholic priest just as he has treated countless other guests. Now, what would the Church say about that? Hannity’s rants against Catholic Doctrine could have come right from the pages of Planned Parenthood.

Anyway, I listen to Hannity from time to time in the same way that I would stop while walking downtown to watch a circus monkey perform a series of clever antics. But the man is mere fluff, a sneering bully, in love with himself and not at all hesitant to let us know it. He is also a fool and daily reminds us of that fact.

I would rather that Sean Hannity were not known as a conservative spokesman, but I suppose it would be worse if he were on the other side. But the best thing for him to do would be to either learn true humility or shut up.

Update: Here is the YouTube video of Hannity and Father Euteneuer. It is far worse than I thought. It shows Hannity at his most arrogant, his most heretical. What a fool he is—a damned fool. And a tip of the hat to The Other McCain and to Amy Welborn.

Update: The fallout over Hannity continues. Here is a comparison of the arrogant and heretical Hannity with General Pace. Hannity needs to be told that his sin is one of Pride, the sin of Lucifer.