The blood is not yet dry in the halls of Virginia Tech, yet those bold and brave Europeans have spoken. They have it all figured out, you see. It is America’s love affair with guns that is to blame. Oh, that and an old man with Parkinson’s Disease named Charlton Heston.

Some gems from the useless folk across the sea.

From the home of Mussolini.

The bloodbath on the university campus is the work of a suicide killer — an American suicide killer who, differently from Muslim killers, did not act out of religious motives but was driven instead by the unrest affecting broad layers of US society. America is a nation that has for some years been in danger of becoming more and more unloved in the world, especially in the poorest countries.

From the home of the bravest of the brave, for whom the word ‘surrender’ is not only a word but an entire way of life.

This new tragedy presents a new opportunity for American public opinion to interrogate itself about a society which, as one of the students who survived Columbine said at the time, is very much responsible for what has happened.

From—of all people—those same folks who stuffed 6 million Jews into ovens.

Now we will probably begin discussing the overly lax gun laws in the United States. There, buying a machine gun is often easier than getting a driver’s license.

Enough of that stench. You may read it at your leisure.

We need to remind ourselves from time to time just what sort of people inhabit Europe. Grab any history book to find out who they are behind their cheese and wine and bratwurst.

First—because they are such easy targets—here are some German facts and figures.

Numbers of Jews killed by Germany: 6 million.
Number of non-Jews killed in German camps: 6 million.
Number of deaths in World War I: 21 million.
Number of deaths in World War II: 60 million.

Perhaps those kindly Germans should cease and desist giving advice except on those subjects where their expertise has been amply demonstrated: the prison camp, the gas chamber, secret police protocols and how-to manuals on mass murder and genocide.

Let us not just mention our German brothers. Let us review the awesome contributions of Europe to civilization just in the past 100 years.

World War I.
World War II.
The Holocaust.
The Spanish Civil War.
The Cold War.
The Russian Revolution and Civil War.
The civil war in Kosovo.

And how about those nifty European ideas:

National Socialism.

Here are some cool European exports to the Third World:

Chinese communism.
Vietnamese communism.
Indonesian communism.
The Cambodian Holocaust.
The Algerian Civil War.
The Suez Crisis.
The Vietnamese War.
The Hindu-Moslem slaughter of 1947-48.

Recall their heroic contributions to Philosophy:

Karl Marx.

Some great European monuments to Literature:

Mein Kampf.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
The Communist Manifesto.

Some great moments in European Political History since 1900:

The Munich Conference.
The Wannsee Conference.
The Treaty of Versailles.
The ‘Pact of Steel’.
The ‘Secret Speech.’
The Iron Curtain.
Oil For Food Program.

European contributions to the improvement of labor:

The Gulag Archipelago.

Outstanding European military achievements:

The Somme.
The Maginot Line.
The Warsaw Uprising.
The Invasion of Poland.

How Europeans improved lives through chemistry:

Mustard Gas.
Chlorine Gas.

And let us not forget these outstanding European leaders:

Vidkun Quisling.
Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Slobadan Milosevic.

Who can compete with such excellence?

There is a reason why our ancestors left Europe 400 years ago. There is also a reason why the great masses of the world’s population wish to live in America. Even Europeans are leaving their continent and moving to the US of A. And who can blame them?

As a reminder to just what America really is and just what Europe really is, recall that in the past 100 years America has freed upwards of 40 nations—some of them twice. The blood of American soldiers in the defense of freedom in foreign lands litters the globe.

How many nations has France or Italy or Germany freed? None.

And Europe will never forgive America for saving her from herself—three times.

Such a debased people are unfit either to rule themselves or to give advice.

(Update: Part of this material I published some years ago, proving Dr. Johnson’s rule that “we need to be reminded more than instructed.” See Clayton Cramer for more commentary.)