Oh dear! The excuse factories have gone into high gear about that mass killer fellow. We all know the litany by now: ‘Bad childhood.’ ‘Mentally disturbed.’ ‘Bullied.’ ‘Loner.’ ‘On medication.’ ‘Unpopular.’ ‘Victim of racism.’ ‘Butt ugly.’ ‘Did not have a puppy as a little boy.’ Ok, I made up the last one.

Our media have even made the demonic weirdo into their own American Idol, with lots of free air-time, discussions and videos. I have not seen the videos, though. If I have a need to see an internet video of a nut-job I will go to YouTube and watch Hillary give a speech.

We must as a society find some way to identify any future nut-jobs. Perhaps something along the lines of that Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. So let us then set up a national data bank of anyone who has the traits I mentioned above. I myself will be the first to contribute, thus pointing the way for all and sundry.

I know this guy—kind of a creep some call him—who might fit the profile of the Virginia killer. I say this because the fellow bears watching. It is my belief that he might one day explode into his own ‘day of rage.’ Here is some background on this walking time-bomb.

He was born out of wedlock, making him from the get-go a bastard, an illegitimate spawn of uncontrolled passion. This alone had the potential of making him into a monster, but far worse was in store. The whelp was tossed into an orphanage, and then adopted into a family where the step-father’s favorite hobbies were beating his wife and brats and gambling away the family cash. Obviously we had here in the pitiful adopted kid a killer in training.

But wait. There is more, alas!

There was a divorce which further pushed the increasingly disturbed lad into a nightmare of silent depression. And of course a grinding poverty led to his having to work in the fields from the age of nine. His classmates bullied him endlessly and made fun of his rude and ragged clothing. Finally the brooding presence stopped attending school. Many believe that is why he had burned down the playground at the Catholic school he attended—an ominous portent, no?

And then there is the jaw-dropping violence which surely pointed the way of a future life spent in bloody rampage. He became a childhood prodigy in the making of bombs, and one of his infernal machines destroyed the water facilities of a school. He split open a boy’s head with a self-made spear, beat another one to a bloody pulp, attacked his own brother with a knife, and later electrocuted this brother’s little dog.

Clearly becoming more and more deranged, he entertained violent fantasies of enemies real and imagined, and was often seen skulking alone through his high school halls. Finally the school grew so concerned about his behavior that it banned him from all school premises.

As the boy metastasized into a young man he naturally had brushes with the law. There was that little incident where he was caught in flagrante delicto in the commission of a crime, but he managed to escape the chasing police on a stolen motorcycle. Later the young man was seen fleeing a host of officers who had drawn their guns on him. Things became so hot for him in America that he fled overseas for a number of years, and of course got into legal trouble on five continents.

As befitting a man with such a life he went from job to job, usually being fired from each. Naturally this creature joined the world of drugs, and often dared the law to arrest him. Most ominously, he acquired a gun.

So there he is, a man most assuredly fated to become a killer. His life fits every psychological make-up of every known sociopath. And let us be frank: He should be arrested immediately. Society must be made safe from such a man.

So who is this fellow?

Why, he is your humble writer, Scipio by name. Every word about him written above is true. And how did Scipio turn out?

He served his country and earned an Honorable Discharge. He graduated number one in his college class. He is the first in his family to earn a degree—two, actually—to speak a foreign tongue and to live and work overseas. He is a published author. He is a world-class solo backpacker with wide experience in South and Central America. He has teaching certifications from a number of states. He can be seen at any number of Catholic Churches several times a week. He teaches hordes of squealing adolescents. He is handsome, bright and charming. Dogs love him.

So let us dispense with such drivel as would excuse any and all behavior because of a man’s background. There is nothing in the past that cannot be overcome through force of will and the power of God.

Scipio might be a fool, but he is not so foolish as to say that his sins of the present are due to his behavior of his past. Such a belief would acquit Scipio of all that he says and does. It would be oh-so-comfortable to do so. And it would be a dammed lie.

No, sinful Scipio sins because he decides to—in the here and in the now. No past need be conjured up to explain it. Scipio peers into his mirror and sees the itching ears of the Corinthians.

And please do not become smug and self-satisfied, as Scipio has little sympathy for the devil in you—for what is true of Scipio is true of us all. If our actions are atrocious it is because we have chosen to act atrociously.

We can begin at once to stop making all those comfortable little apologies for our awful behavior. We can begin at once to stop blaming our present wickedness on our past wickedness. We can begin at once to stop looking for excuses for Evil when it rears its gruesome head.

And we can begin at once to stop making excuses for the Virginia killer. He killed because he was evil. There is no mystery here. His types have made their presence known since Cain killed Abel. Why are we constantly surprised by it?

Evil is a very persistent fellow—and yes, he is a creature. He will visit our nation again as he has visited every nation since Babylon. Expect it. Prepare for it. Deal with it.

And for the love of Heaven seek to understand it.