There is much-ado about much-ado at work and play these days. Busy and busier I am and will be so until late Sunday afternoon. No time for thoughtful essays outlining my latest method to save mankind—or at least the American part of it. So I will only be able to indulge myself in Short Takes.

Tired of mealy-mouthed politicos who pretend to be tough guys? Tired of stumblers and fumblers in this great war against Islamic killers? Tired of soft-gutted movers and shakers who preach victory against the enemies of America overseas but can scarcely rouse themselves to defeat her enemies here at home? So am I.

Well then, I present to you Cofer Black.

I had never heard of him either. But being invisible was part of his job description. He was

head of the CIA’s counterterrorism center. Black, 52, a veteran covert operator, was one of the agency’s legends, credited with helping in the 1994 capture of Carlos the Jackal, one of the most notorious international terrorists prior to bin Laden. Tall, well-dressed and almost hulking, Black was a bit of a throwback to the agency’s earlier, more colorful days.

I happen to like throwbacks, being one myself. Black resembles not a bit that vacuous, mendacious, quivering and silly CIA duo of Plame and Wilson.

And Black’s advice of what to do about our enemies? Simple.

We’re going to kill them. We’re going to put their heads on sticks. When we’re through with them they will have flies walking across their eyeballs.

I love this guy! So what is he doing now?

Glad you asked. Black has signed on to Mitt Romney’s campaign as an advisor on national security.

Works for me.

Of course, Romney’s opponent Rudy needs no tough-guy credentials. Yes, I know that his personal and private morality is embarrassing—the guy should know better. But an age of war tends to crystallize things. Non-essentials—those things that are desirable but which do not immediately contribute to beating the you-know-what out of America’s foes—are put aside for the moment. Rudy wants victory.

Rudy despises Palestinians, those murderous, worthless and degraded Jew haters. I still get a laugh when I remember how he booted from Lincoln Center that corrupt and debauched leather boy and American killer Arafat. And Philip Klein has some words about how Rudy would treat Israel.

To the delight of some and anger of others, President Bush has probably been the most pro-Israel president in U.S. history. But compared to a President Giuliani, Bush would look like Jimmy Carter.

Works for me.

So we have two Republican front-runners who would very much enjoy having a job that allowed them to actually fight this wear and win it. Imagine that!

The other party deserves loathing. What does one say about the leader of a party who heads uninvited into that redoubt of America-hating, Syria? Syria, that headquarters of a regime that has orchestrated the destruction of hundreds of Americans. Syria, that grim little tyranny that to this day continues to kill our citizens.

And no sooner had Madame Pelosi returned from her boot-licking escapade in Damascus that her counterpart in the Senate further descended into ignominy and pronounced the war in Iraq lost.

What can one say about a political system that allows such villains to advance into positions where they can arrange the defeat of American foreign policy and the world-wide victory of those whose lives are dedicated to the killing of Americans? There is a word for such activity.


Serious nations have always dealt with traitors in the same way. We were once such a nation. We sent traitors the way of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Works for me.