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Mountains of essays to grade. Oceans of exams to score. Days of testing coming up. What is a teacher to do? Why, Short Takes of course! This headline surprises no one. Hugh Hefner gives $2,300 to Clinton’s ’08 campaign The Democrats have long been supported by those whose lives are wrapped up in pornography. Recall … Read more

Another slaughter at a school means there will be calls for gun control all about. But wait. How could this possibly have ocurred? Was not Virginia Tech a ‘gun free environment’? Tech, like most Virginia colleges, bans all firearms on campus except those carried by law enforcement officers. Students or faculty who want to keep … Read more

Henry VIII was a monster. Wife killer, murderer of Thomas Moore, destroyer of the Catholic Church in England, robber of ecclesiastical properties, adulterer—the list of his outrages and crimes is a long one. It would have been better for his nation and the world if he had never been born. Henry (1491-1547) was an early … Read more

I once lived in Argentina. It was the perfect place and I taught at the perfect school—just as today I live in the perfect place and teach at the perfect school. One reason I thrived in Argentina was that I had the time to walk around every single nation in Central and South America except for two … Read more

While I busy myself solving the problems of the world—like the problem of choosing a suitable wine for this weekend of cooking—images from long ago drift in and out of my mind. Such daydreams occur more and more often as I age. Some are Heavenly. Some are Hellish. Men remember their glorious victories and their glorious … Read more

If you listen long enough to those who claim to ‘speak in the name of the nameless and hopeless poor’ you will hear a condescending and arrogant snob. Such is Elizabeth Edwards, she whose husband made a pile of money by forcing pregnant women to have their stomachs sliced open in surgery. Here is the … Read more

Stefania Lapenna is a free-lance writer living and working in Sardinia. She wrote a piece for the American Thinker titled The Ancient Persian Empire. I had some issues with the article and so wrote an essay detailing these. The American Thinker was kind enough to publish the essay. I am placing it here as well. But … Read more

  Why does a man write? I don’t know. Such a question could be asked of any man who delights in the doing of a thing simply because he delights in doing it. It is that way with me. I delight in putting cyber pen to cyber paper. The act itself is the reward. I … Read more

Two thousand years ago in a far off province of the Roman Empire, a Carpenter was executed by the State. He had stirred up no small amount of trouble against the ruling local elite, Pharisees by name, and they had pressed upon the Roman governor to rid them of this meddlesome pest. It seems this … Read more

Rudy simply could not shut up. He made quite a fool of himself—a craft at which he is well-practiced—with his recent comments on gun rights and abortion. The expected outcry came from conservatives of course. You know, all those Bible-thumping, toothless ignorant types who inhabit the backwoods of the South. Rudy had very seriously and … Read more