Archives : Apr-2007

In typical single adult male style I went ahead with my fantasy of having the latest computer gizmos and software. So I upgraded my machine to a dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo chip and motherboard, 512 more RAM—for a total of 2000—an ATI X1650 Pro AGP video card and a more hefty power supply. Add all of this … Read more

I will be experimenting with a new theme for the blog, one that is easier on my 53 year old eyes than an all-white theme has been. So the blog will look a bit weird—or maybe a bit cool—for a bit. Stay tuned.

I know the international Left very well indeed. Since those British sailors were taken hostage by those fine humanitarians in Iran I wondered how long it would be before the Left blamed Bush for this outrage against all international norms and law and decency. Not long at all. Here are the headlines from The Independent. … Read more

It is said that the ancient Chinese would shoot arrows at an eclipse to frighten off the dragon that had covered the moon or the sun. Since eclipses are temporary phenomena the Chinese believed that such a display of their skills at archery did the trick. When I lived in Argentina there was an organized … Read more