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Odd, yes? At least ten percent of all Mexicans are in the US either legally or not. And fully one-third or more would high-tail it out of that land of enchiladas and make a dash for El Norte if they could. (And please. No calling me a ‘bigot’ or ‘closed minded’ or ‘racist.’ I am … Read more

Have you heard? There is trouble on the borders! It seems that for some time now illegals have crossed the border and raised havoc, causing economic dislocation and increasing levels of violence directed at American citizens. And what does Bush do? Why, nothing. He has absolutely refused to close the borders or attempted to stop … Read more

Bush is in attack mode. But the terrorists need not worry. Bush is attacking his supporters. President Bush attacked opponents of an immigration deal Tuesday, suggesting they “don’t want to do what’s right for America.” Jorge was speaking of those Republicans who simply refuse ‘to do what is right for America.’ Hmm…that would be most … Read more

There is a time to talk. And then there is a time to war. Let us not confuse the two. A fool will say that there is no harm to be got from talking. But if your enemy hates your guts and has every desire to exterminate you, then talking with him not only wastes … Read more

It amazes that there is something still in existence called ‘the Iranian regime.’ It has been a pest since 1979. It busies itself causing murder, mayhem and mischief around the globe. It has not only killed thousands of Americans, but hundreds of thousands of Moslems as well as hundreds of Africans, Jews and assorted unlucky sorts who … Read more

Old Tom Jefferson had it about right: “All men are created equal.” Never mind the slave, the Indian and the female. His heart was in the right place. And we Americans really, really believed this for a long time. Truth be told, these days Tom’s sentence needs modification. We need to stick a bit of … Read more

This morning I will be experimenting with a new look to my blog. I have been cursed and blessed with a perfectionist mentality. This I am aways searching for the ‘perfect look.’ And of course I will be eternally diasappointed. Not that I could be stopped by disappointment. Had that been the case I would have … Read more

Look out, for Congress is on the prowl. It has felt your pain over the price of gasoline. Our betters in Washington have vowed to be as efficient in solving that problem as they have been in protecting our borders. God help us. The House today voted, 284-141, to pass a bill that would make … Read more

The reason that illegal immigration causes otherwise reasonable men to erupt in frenzy is because it strikes right at the heart of what our nation is. And she is above all else a nation of laws. Remove those laws, weaken them or ignore them—the result would be the same. America would cease to exist. One … Read more