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A president begins office with something like poker chips. These chips represent influence—what is called ‘political capital.’ He only has a few of them and so must use them carefully and only when he has a fair chance of getting something done. Once they are gone, so is he. He becomes the lamest of ducks. … Read more

It happened again. Hank Hanegraff, the ‘Bible Answer Man’, said something completely stupid about Catholicism on his radio show. It was not the first time he demonstrated his misunderstanding of that faith, nor dare I say will it be the last—alas. Hanegraff is certainly not alone in his ignorance, though his fame and condescending arrogance … Read more

The function of government is a simple one. It is to provide security for life and property so that citizens can go about the business of their daily affairs. Nothing more and nothing less. If it did less anarchy would ensue. If it did more tyranny would ensue. We will deal with anarchy first. It … Read more

Alas! The demands of the tree farm where I am working this summer take up much time. My usual blog time is much decreased, at least for today. I work with summer employees called ‘interns.’ They mostly hail from high school and college. To a man they are a great bunch of guys. Their day … Read more

Stop the presses! The Muslim world is outraged! Ok, this is not news. The Muslim world always has its turban in a tizzy about some damn thing or another. A fine example is this headline that fairly screams Muslim world inflamed by Rushdie knighthood There is plenty wrong with the headline. First off, how can … Read more

Old Tom Jefferson knows something that we don’t. His memorial in Washington DC is sinking. Jefferson Memorial’s Signs of Sinking Raise Fresh Alarms Slowly, almost imperceptibly, parts of the complex seem to be sinking into the mud. In Roman days such things were called omens. Rome employed professional ‘augurs’ who could read them. Her history … Read more

There is nothing so common as reading the news and seeing articles with headlines like ‘War in the Middle East!’ One’s eyes glaze over, so often has such appeared. There is something about all that desert, a land of monotheism and prophets—and 4000 years of blood. If the word began there, somewhere near the Tigris … Read more

Wherever you look in the Moslem world you see the worst that humanity can offer. To take just one example, please view the scenes of utter and complete degradation from Gaza as brute Hamas exterminates brute Fatah. Here we see once again—again and again and again—how Moslems treat their brothers. Not only do they torture … Read more

My eyes struggled to focus on the all-white pages of my blog. They are, after all, 53 years old—like the rest of my carcass. Though they suffer from near-sightedness and astigmatism, they perform the uses God designed them to perform. The different style you see here is a relief to those very same eyes. Blue … Read more