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Once long ago we could escape the hum and noise of the world. Now it seems, at least to Roger Simon, such Edenic peace is impossible. It’s no news to those of us in the wired world that vacation as we knew it is a thing of the past. Between broadband, wireless, blackberries, iPhone, etc., … Read more

It is simply laughable that a creepy mountebank like Ward Churchill could ever have had a teaching post at a university. His ‘credentials’ were so clearly fraudulent as to border on the fantastic. Yet there he was, lecturing for years and strutting about the classroom giving American students his absurd views. His ex-employer’s response was … Read more

I read that Elizabeth Edwards has vowed never to eat tangerines again. Well, good for her. We all must do our part to save the world from this or from that. Who would have the bad manners to mention that, until very recently, people who said such a thing—and who thought it very, very important that … Read more

Oddities come to light when one has the time to peruse the web and search for them. Here is one such gem. A woman was stripped and brutally beaten with hot iron rods after she was branded a witch and held responsible for the death of a woman in a Jharkhand village, police said Monday. … Read more

Two weeks ago some of my stuff went nuts. The Jeep complained every time I put it into 5th gear. The audio system in the Jeep would not run an ACC. My computer would not recognize my fancy video card. The CD player in my home hi-end audio system worked only intermittently. It seemed as … Read more

Those fellows at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have got their turbans all in a knot. It seems they are mightily displeased with President Bush. They have called his policies and pronouncements ‘Islamophobic.’ Now, that is an odd thing to claim. Think what you will about Bush, but to think him anything other than a … Read more

Today I turn 54. A man should have wisdom by this age. Perhaps I do. I can say for certain that half of a man’s life is spent making a mess of things. The other half is spent in cleaning them up. Another thing I can say for certain. I envy no man—neither his wealth … Read more

I love it when our lovely media talk dirty! My God they hate God—though certainly rational people have known this about them for a very long time. Read these ravings from Susan Jacoby in the pages of the Washington Post, a newspaper second in treason, mendacity and paganism only to the New York Times. Pope … Read more

Some folks are all in a huff because the pope annoyed them. The Vatican said on Tuesday Christian denominations outside Roman Catholicism were not full churches of Jesus Christ. Well, yes, Benedict XVI said this. Every pope has said this. And written this. And thought this. And taught this. And oh dear, some Protestants went … Read more

One of those dreadful Kennedys—no, they are all not dead yet—has spoken out. In a froth of anger and irrationality Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. let loose on those who do not believe in global warming. This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors. One needs to ask, “Treason against whom?” The … Read more