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The first full week of school has begun. At last I can practice that vocation of which God has deemed me worthy. And that is teaching adolescents how to live. Oh, and if there is time perhaps some history as well. The name of my course is ‘8th Grade US History’ or something like that. But the real … Read more

After 14 years of living, working and walking throughout Central and South America I decided to return home in 2004. I had 50 states to choose from. I chose Oklahoma and moved to its capital of Oklahoma City. The choice was God inspired. I love it here—the culture, the weather, the politics, almost everything. I … Read more

How can we say that one man is a Christian and another man is not? Certainly Christ left us with some method to recognize His followers. And just as certainly it is vital that we do so. Christianity is a demanding faith, the particulars of which are aptly laid out in the New Testament. To … Read more

When I was a young man I was frivolous with much. With money, with words, with companions, with women, with my life, with time. Especially with time. At 54 I am no longer frivolous. Money is regularly earned, regularly spent and regularly placed in a retirement account. Women and drink, those great devourers of young … Read more

The clamor about Wikipedia is silly. So what if some of the public editing is petty or slanderous? It can be fixed after all. Remember all those encyclopedia editions year after year we had to endure from Britannica? How many errors did they have? Yet they could not be repaired and their errors carried on. As … Read more

Mussolini had the last words on State worship. Everything in the State. Nothing outside the State. Nothing against the State. Let us call such a view ‘the State as God,’ for that is what it is. It is substituting the worship of God for the worship of the State. You may call it fascism if … Read more

I flew over Utah on my way back to Oklahoma. There was a three hour layover in Salt Lake City, all of which I spent in the airport. While yet in the air I marveled at the stark and desolate land 30,000 feet below, and of those Mormons who walked from Illinois to establish communities … Read more

This sort of headline is a perennial. Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned What we have here is yet another comparison between modern America and ancient Rome. The usual spiel goes like this: ‘Rome fell. We are like Rome. Repent!’ There is a problem with such historical analyses. Which ‘fall of Rome’ is … Read more