Mussolini had the last words on State worship.

Everything in the State. Nothing outside the State. Nothing against the State.

Let us call such a view ‘the State as God,’ for that is what it is. It is substituting the worship of God for the worship of the State. You may call it fascism if you wish—Il Duce certainly did—but that changes nothing. When one looks to the State for his needs rather than to God he is treating the State as God.

Such a man at first might not even be aware that he no longer worships God. He might still attend church regularly but he is really just going through the motions. His true love is nowhere to be found there.

The usual form of government for 6000 years has been State worship. Thus were both pharaohs and Incas seen as living incarnations of a god. Thus were Mesopotamian kings modestly titled ‘Kings of Kings, Great Kings, Mighty Kings, the Kings of the World, the Kings of the Four Corners.’ The Romans were more restrained and only allowed their Caesars to be worshipped after they were safely dead.

But even the Romans had a form of State worship to which all were required to conform. This got those early Christians into some difficulties, as they worshipped the true God. Thus they were tossed into lions’ dens, burned to death and generally severely put upon. And here we see that all gods are jealous gods, just as God is a jealous God. They brook no competition. The Roman State would accept no other competitor. Its way or the highway, nothing else would do.

All State worship ends in this way, in stacks of corpses. Whatever name we know it as—Nazism, communism, totalitarianism, socialism—it has a hunger for human life and takes it at will. There is a reason for this.

The State sees humanity as a weak and perishable vessel. It has no purpose other than to serve the State. The one immutable law is that men die but the State lives forever. We see this philosophy in every ruler, every king, every president, every emperor and every prime minister who ever lived. They all act as if their particular nation will be everlasting.

Christianity is entirely different. It sees man as everlasting and the State as ephemeral. Thus man is literally infinitely more important than the State. The two can coexist but one must be subservient to the other. Thus did the Carpenter say, “Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God, that which is God’s.” The State replies, “Render unto me all that you have and all that you are.”

This is why the first thing State worshippers do when they get power is to diminish and then destroy Christianity. That faith, after all, plainly states that some things in life are only for God. This is intolerable for those whose only god is the State.

We see this clearly in communism, which has been in each and every instance openly hostile to Christianity. It murders priests, burns churches and puts the faithful to death. No opposition can be allowed, for the State is a jealous god.

We see this here in America as well, though in a much more subtle and insidious way. The State seeks to eliminate Christianity from the public sphere and has largely succeeded. Organizations like the Boy Scouts that have a Christian core are to be persecuted as well. Propaganda organs of the State where future citizens are to be indoctrinated—we call these organs ‘public schools’—are to be cleansed of anything hostile to the State.

There is more, of course. Behaviors manifestly opposed to Christianity—sodomy, abortion—are to be State supported and forced upon Christians throughout America by using schools, the entertainment industry and the media. No stone is to be left unturned as the State moves to root out and demolish its competition for the heart and soul of man.

This is no different from what happened in Israel 2200 years ago. Then the State worshippers were the Seleucids. These were absolutely hostile to anything that presented itself as opposition to the official ideology, a system based upon homosexuality and displays of public nudity. Sound familiar?

These were anathema to Judaism, though then as now many of the faithful became weak and gradually submitted to the demands of the State. We see this today in the weakening of mainline Protestant faiths, many of which have given in to the State’s demand that, among other things, homosexuality be accepted. Thus there are appearing more and more open and practicing homosexual pastors of both genders. These have openly surrendered to State worship, though they of course would never put it quite this way. They claim their beliefs are really based upon ‘tolerance,’ a word that by the way is openly promoted by the State itself.

Americans seem oblivious to how much State worship has overtaken them. Few of us make the connection that the more we demand the State do—retirement, health care, education—the more of our money will be turned over to the State to pay for all of it. Taxes are the food of the State, and it is voracious.

To make this plain, imagine a man who refuses to pay his taxes. He will be imprisoned, his family destroyed, his property seized and his children sent away to become the sons and daughters of strangers. So tell me, would Cuba act any differently?

Behind State worship there is of course a person. This ancient demon’s name is Moloch (‘king’) but he has also been called Baal (‘lord’). Once a man submits to Moloch he becomes his servant. We see many such today. It is easy to identify them, especially among the political class. The next time you hear some politician vowing some new government program, you might ask yourself whether the program serves God or Caesar. If Caesar then you know that Moloch is about.

Here is one example. It is from a recent speech by that champion of Moloch, Hillary Clinton.

If you’re a family that is struggling, and you don’t have health care, well, you are invisible to this president. If you’re a single mom trying to find affordable child care so you can go to work, well, you’re invisible, too.

Her real message is that we should turn over all our choices about health care and the raising of our children to the State. This is in line with all of her solutions to America’s problems—they all involve increasing the power of the State and thus of her master, Moloch. The next time you hear of some politician promising that all we need to do is feed more taxes to the State, you will know where his heart lies.

You should know one outstanding attribute of Moloch, that he demanded the sacrifice of children. People of old would take their newborns to a brazen image of Moloch with jaw agape and toss them into his fiery maw where they were burned to death. The moral difference between this ancient practice and our modern one of abortion is precisely nothing.

Perhaps the first worshipper of Moloch was Cain. After killing his brother he fled into the wilderness and built the world’s first city—that is, he founded the first state. State worship thus was begun by the first murderer.

If you wish to understand why the actions of States throughout history has been so bloody, you need look no further than this.