After 14 years of living, working and walking throughout Central and South America I decided to return home in 2004. I had 50 states to choose from. I chose Oklahoma and moved to its capital of Oklahoma City. The choice was God inspired.

I love it here—the culture, the weather, the politics, almost everything. I say ‘almost’ for two reasons, natural beauty and tornados. Oklahoma is flat with few forests but millions of acres of grasslands. All lakes here are man-made. The landscape is not unattractive but has little to recommend to a solo backpacker like me. And come May tornado season begins. I have been in one and would not like to repeat such an event. And there are thunderstorms a plenty, all chock full of winds and hail.

But what of it? Here I am free from the manifest social problems that infect the cities on the West Coast. Oklahomans would have none of such nonsense. We do things differently here. No yearly parade of sexual perverts down the avenues of the streets where children play, no legions of homeless rabble begging for alcohol and drugs, no pierced and tattooed teenage flotsam wandering aimlessly down sidewalks.

In fact, there are few sidewalks at all. And there is very little public transport. I cannot recall the last time I saw a city bus. This means that folks have to work to buy cars—or rather trucks, if they are men. For we here in Oklahoma will have none of the collectivism, fraud, corruption and taxes that are associated with busses and light rail systems.

Here we have wide open spaces. I have yet to be in a traffic jam. People from the coastal enclaves of crowded East and West Coast cities marvel at our legroom. To us here in Oklahoma, people there live like insects, all cramped together and crawling over one another. Some of them might like to move here where they can live as God intended. We welcome them, but they had better behave. No East or West Coast claptrap will be tolerated.

Oklahomans have little patience for the cowardice, corruption and flabbiness of Washington, DC. The senators we send there are the two best men in the Senate. Here is a description of one of them, Jim Inhofe.

He is among the most vocal skeptics of climate change (global warming) in Congress. Inhofe often cites the Bible as the source for his stances on various political issues.

Imagine that! Using the Bible as an inspiration to governing! Try that in San Francisco. Not for nothing are we called ‘the Buckle of the Bible Belt.’

Here is a bit on our other senator, Tom Coburn.

Coburn was considered one of the “true believers” in the Republican freshman class of 1995, and was one of the most conservative members of the House.

Coburn’s Senate voting record is as conservative as his House record. He received a perfect 100% rating from the American Conservative Union for the year 2005.

I love these guys! They resemble not at all Kerry and Kennedy and Reid.

To use one example, here is how we Oklahomans are dealing with the lawlessness of uncontrolled illegal immigration. George Bush could learn a thing or two.

Mandatory deportation has illegals on the run

State law limiting benefits looms, an estimated 25,000 take to road

The state of Oklahoma recently approved a new law that requires deportation for illegal aliens who are arrested, and limits benefits and jobs to those individuals. The report said in East Tulsa, where a community of Hispanics has grown over recent years, there’s been a sudden drop in population.

We simply tired of Washington’s inability to govern, and so we did the thing ourselves. And you can forget all the lies, jibber-jabber, obfuscation and bureaucratese. Oklahomans think clearly about such things. We take the laws and the heritage of our nation seriously.

This isn’t about whether you are for or against immigration, or for or against immigrants. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is or if you speak with an accent. What matters is if you are in the country legally or illegally. The only people threatened by House Bill 1804 are those who choose to break the law.


Imagine if such straight talk came out of our nation’s capital. Or better, imagine if our nation’s capital were Oklahoma City rather than Washington.

If Hillary becomes president that will be an option. We will let her arrogantly rule from Washington while we enjoy liberty here in Oklahoma. And we of course will welcome other states that wish to join us.

And they will.