From time to time it is well and good to roll out a map of the world, have a look around and take stock of things. Think of yourself as a doctor and the world as your patient in for his yearly check-up.

So let’s have a look.

We see the best of times. We see the worst of times. We see times brilliant and times stupid. We see abounding evil and amazing goodness. Mostly we see what anyone would have seen every year for 5600 years since man began to create this silly contraption called civilization.

Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

We will start with the Western Hemisphere. With Canada.

Oh Canada! She once possessed the 2nd largest surface naval force in the world. Now she can scarcely defend herself against the Peruvian fishing fleet. She made a choice to go socialist some 40 years ago, and she has been slipping into irrelevancy ever since. Now all she can do is preen and posture and pretend that she matters. She does not. The world would neither be made better or worse if Canada vanished overnight. The world would not notice.

Such are the perils of pacifism and an overriding nanny statism.

Heading south we come to God’s Country. She is in the throes of a presidential election process, now cruelly drawn out and seeming to go on forever. On the Democrat side we have America’s number one gangster moll, Hillary. She wants to lord it over us by scheming her way into office. Her long record of criminality does not bother at all her legions of admiring supporters, thus proving quite well the dictate of PT Barnum. If this beast wins the White House it will say much about how far the American electorate has descended into debasement and degeneracy.

And it could lead to civil war here at home. Hillary will have on her side the habitués of San Francisco bathhouses, New York lawyers, Washington DC and Hollywood actors. We will have the military, gun owners, Oklahoma, Texas and the South on ours. Do the math.

On the Republican side of the campaign we have a worn out and backstabbing war hero, a prissy and squeaky clean Mormon, a street fighting libertine and a Hollywood actor who has yet to enter the race and who acts as if an presidential campaign is all foreplay and no consummation.

There is no telling yet who will win the nomination.

But there is more than this never-ending election cycle that ails our great Republic. There is a president who insists on providing to the Mexican government the same favors that Monica provided to Bill. There are media that work feverishly to turn over this nation to her enemies. There is a moral decline that would have shocked the folks of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a war that should have ended in 2003 but continues in a kinder, gentler way. There are looming wars with Iran and Syria.

Enough! Let us head south of the Rio Grande after dealing with a grubby little dictatorship on a grubby little island.

Castro is either dead or dying. This tropical killer has caused more mischief for Latin America than anyone. He should have been knocked off in 1960. The world would have been spared much grief. Nevertheless, we can hear Castro’s death rattle, a noise which will become the sound of castanets and tambourines when the monster enters Hell’s maw.

Once the beast rests with the fishes, whither Cuba? Civil war? Possible. More suffering under some new tyrant? Unlikely. Castro was one-of-a-kind and his power rested solely upon himself and his cult of personality. But Cuba will certainly be a mess, and one which will demand US action—action, and lots of money and an aircraft carrier or two.

Mexico is a mess. Corrupt, cruel, arrogant, oppressive and absurdly weak, this untidy pomposity dumps its problems onto US soil with the connivance of our own Jorge. This nation has hardly made any progress since the Aztecs. Those peoples sent wretched thousands upon thousands up the stairs of their temples, there to be relieved of their beating hearts and sacrificed to their hummingbird god. Now Mexico dumps her wretched millions onto our doorstep and insults us along the way.

But such a policy does nothing for Mexico except allow her manifest social, political and economic problems to continue apace. This situation is unstable and will result in war either in Mexico or in our own Southwest.

The rest of Latin America is a mixed bag. Those nations have yet to fully learn the ways and rules of the market and the perils of socialism. The freest and most reasonable nation is Chile. The most absurd and irresponsible nation is Venezuela. The dictator there is a cut-rate Castro wannabe. The US is making the same mistake she made with Castro in 1960 by allowing Chavez to exist outside a prison cell in Miami or a graveyard in Caracas. Just do it.

Latin America has yet to free itself from blaming the US for all of its problems. Never mind that her problems began with the Spanish conquest. It has yet to grow up. I see no evidence of much political maturity down there. The muddle of Latin politics will thus continue.

But the place has the best food, the finest landscapes and the prettiest girls on the planet. Works for me.

Let us now head across the Atlantic, to Africa. If you thought Latin America a mess, the politics and economics of Africa will leave you stupefied. There has been no progress but regress—and the place is getting worse. In the words of one cynical soul:

After decades of mismanagement and corruption, most African states have became hollowed out. They are no longer instruments capable of serving the public good. Indeed, far from being able to provide aid and protection to their citizens, African governments and the vampire-like politicians who run them are regarded by the populations they rule as yet another burden they have to bear in the struggle for survival.

Let us say the most un-PC thing we can, and admit that Africa under the French and British was far better off. Would any ordinary African say otherwise?

And the Africans have no instrument to heal themselves. Take the case of Robert Mugabe. He is by all accounts an egomaniac, a killer and a kleptocrat. He has ground the once well-fed and well-run Rhodesia into a charnel house of murder, famine and corruption. He is a man who simply begs assassination. And the response of his African neighbors? They laud him with awards, accolades and titles.

Write off Africa. It is a hopeless disorder.

As is the Muslim world. It is convulsed with Jew-hatred, misogyny, corruption, poverty, genocide, mass murder and tyranny. It has oil, which is the one and only reason why normal folk pay it any heed. If the West got all its fuel from nuclear reactors it could safely ignore every Islamic nation. They produce nothing. They contribute nothing. They amount to nothing.

Europe is a museum in slow and an increasingly uncomfortable decline. It went socialist long ago, and like all socialist states it has lost the ability to reproduce itself. Future Europeans are either placed in little plastic bags and tossed into the toilet after intercourse or ripped out of the mother’s womb before birth. What does one say of a place whose fornication has become pointless?

Lacking men, Europe had to import them. And men came—from the decrepit world of Islam. By the millions they came. Now Islam is on the verge of conquering Europe and placing the Muslim standard over those nations where once reigned the Cross of Christ. The work of Charles Martel is being undone. Already England is finished. Norway and Sweden are close behind.

There will come a point where those Europeans who remain in Europe will have had enough. Their response will be violent in the extreme. There is historical precedent for Europeans using extreme violence, yes?

Russia is a gangster corporation and Putin is its CEO. It bullies and threatens. It has nothing to show for all that. Like Europe she is sterile and dying. She is being subsumed by Muslims and by Chinese. To write more of her is a waste of time.

Speaking of whom, there has been much nonsense written and spoken about China. Many predictions were made. None came true. China is a wallowing, corrupt and cruel state. Beyond her show cities near her coast there exists massive poverty and disorder. Her technology is stolen or extorted. Her dreams of the conquest of Taiwan are deranged. Her political pronouncements are full of ridiculous bombast, and almost Arab-like in their noise and shallowness. She has trouble manufacturing baby food and toys, yet excels in kicking pregnant women to death and raping Buddhist nuns.

Because of her ‘one child’ policy she has a lack of marriageable females. As I write there are 15,000,000 Chinese men whose chances of marriage and offspring are near nonexistent. One day China will go to war for women or simply move into empty nations and steal whatever females live there. This is exactly what is happening in eastern Russia.

Like Europe and Russia Japan suffers from a negative birthrate. Unlike those places she is remarkably productive. She has a talent for creating really cool electronic gadgets and neat cars. She has another talent as well, one demonstrated many times: She enjoys making war upon China. Here is China’s biggest worry, and it is not without merit. Japan is at the point of abandoning her militarily restrictive constitution and going for re-armament in a big way. The reasons are the goof-ball policies of North Korea—accurately seen as a pawn of China—and the increasing militaristic rhetoric from Peking.

Japan will not simply roll over and go gently into the night of political irrelevance. Even the miniscule military she has today is a model of efficiency. Now let us imagine it 20 times larger. I assure you that China does—every day.

Enough already!

The world this morning looks like a mess. Let us now predict the world in 50 years.

The US will be divided into two states after a sharp, multi-faceted civil war brought on by 8 further years of Clintonian corruption (2008 – 2016 AD) and the continual encroachment by Mexico upon US territory. The Conservative States of America (CSA) will comprise in the main the present states of the South and Oklahoma, Texas and the Dakotas, as well as much of western Canada. In that new nation conceived in liberty will exist free enterprise, small government, no income tax and a ferocious military. Much of the Southwest and all of southern California will have reverted back to Mexico. A feeble, corrupt and nanny state will pompously and absurdly still call itself the US. It will be made of the Northeast and the Northwest and will be governed from Washington DC. Its productive classes will have fled to the CSA.

The political disorder in the once US will lead Chile, Brazil and Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, and Peru and Bolivia, to form huge trading blocs and free enterprise zones.

Half of modern day Europe will have subsumed into the European Islamic Caliphate comprising England, Scandinavia, and parts of Germany, France and Spain. This Caliphate will come to resemble the Islamic world of today—untidy, impoverished and violent. There will be no Jews left in Europe. What remains of non-Islamic Europe will have instituted a mass killing off all Moslems in its territories. The frontier between Caliphate Europe and the rest of Europe will be bloody in the extreme.

Mecca will still exist as the center of Islamic worship, but its water systems will have been destroyed in the Great Middle Eastern War (2010-2011 AD) under president Hillary Clinton. Pilgrims will have to get to Mecca using camel caravans, rather like when Mohammed was alive. Syria will have been depopulated after suffering the nuclear destruction of her cities of Damascus and Latakia by Israel in that war. Those territories now Palestinian will become part of a Greater Israel. Those Palestinians still living will be shoved into Egypt and Jordan in one of the greatest forced movements of humankind in history.

Russia will be nothing more than a rump state formed around Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rest of what was once called Russia will be Islamic and Chinese.

China will be enduring calls from her Russian provinces for independence. She will be unable to stop it, and there will form a new Chinese state in what is now Siberia. China herself will be undergoing several civil wars at the same time and will break up into several competing states based upon geography and language.

Japan, Taiwan and a long unified Korea will be interlocked in security and economic treaties. Japan will compete with China in using the Philipines as a source for wives for their single men. This will create a huge social problem as ‘pure’ Japanese look down upon the increasing millions of mixed race Japanese.

Or Christ will simply call an end to this affair we call ‘the world’ and return—perhaps today.

Be prepared in any case. We are all in for some interesting times.

(Update: For another view—or perhaps it is the same one from a different angle—see here. Some gems follow.)

I’ll wager that many of the toughest challenges for Americans in the future won’t be associated with our geopolitical decline, weakness or decrepitude. No: Our challenges will be the unimagined consequences of our many successes…

Americans are blessed with a durable Constitution, cultural diversity, abundant resources and an open society. I think we’re capable of solving our problems. That’s the position, too, of Murphy, whose America/Rome meditation ends on a hopeful note. He writes that a fundamental characteristic of Americans is the belief that improvement is possible. Sure, we’re making many of the mistakes the Romans made: “But the antidote is everywhere. The antidote is being American.”

(Update: I knew it—you wanted another slice of evidence that all will be well in the American world. Ok, here it is. The writing is beyond good, it is elegant.)