Archives : Aug-2007

My long-standing threat has finally come to pass: I have settled upon a new, new WordPress theme for my blog. It is sleek and modern, two traits now abandoned by my 54 year-old body but readily available for The Return of Scipio due to the WordPress 2.2.2 update. Expect more cool things when I return … Read more

Sometimes a picture will capture the essence of the man. Before the advent of the camera, that was the point. It took skill of a very high order. A great man—and only the great could afford to be painted—would commission an artist to do just that. He would want his fellows, his progeny and his … Read more

The WordPress update to 2.2.2 went perfectly. So there will be a few changes in the next few weeks. You have been warned. They will be changes for the good. More writing, I hope. More techie and bloggy stuff. Wee.

Today is the day I will finally get WordPress updated. All the software and plugins should be ready by 5 PM Portland time. There are many new, new things I want to do with my blog that I could not do until I updated everything. There is more: Since I began my teaching career 15 … Read more

The summer is dead. Long live the summer! At long last my summer job working at the tree farm is over. It was a fine experience. I managed 70 ‘interns,’ high school and college kids who spent their summer out in the fields with mowers, tractors and sundry farm equipment. Most of them came from … Read more

I began writing four years ago on a web site I had designed. Millions of words were cyber-scribbled. They remain there, locked forever in time and cyber-space. In August of last year I decided to take the leap and begin to actually blog—getting used to things like comments, pings, trackbacks and their like. And so … Read more