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Forget all that nonsense you learned in high school civics class. Put aside all those Political Science courses you took in college. Ignore the various pundits haranguing you from the screen of your television. Most of it us a colossal waste of time. None get to the heart of how this Republic is really governed … Read more

You of course know that joke that ends with this phrase. You can trust us. We’re from the government. It always gets a laugh. Even my 8th grades students laugh at it. And who would not? Is there anyone outside of a madhouse who trusts the US government? Apparently not. From BIGResearch comes this poll and … Read more

We fight on many fronts. We endure our setbacks and celebrate our advances. Military defeats are rare—indeed, in this war defeats are nigh invisible. It has become almost cliché to remark that the US has placed in the field the most lethal military the world has seen since the legions of Scipio Africanus marched upon … Read more

Another Christian evangelical is working furiously to help elect a Democrat in 2008. He is James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family. He is yet one more Christian leader who demands a level of sanctity in a presidential candidate that is unattainable to man. James Dobson, one of the nation’s most politically influential evangelical Christians, … Read more

Like a woman history beguiles and teases. She delights in surprising us with little oddities that cross space and time. One studies her and either laughs or cries. Laughing is better. There was a woman who began her life among the lowest classes. Even as a rather young girl she performed on stage as an … Read more

Hugo Chavez is still on the loose, running rampant over whatever remains of Venezuelan civil society. His latest outrage is an attack upon private schools. He has in the past attacked foreigners, the Catholic Church, local businesses, international enterprises, banks, the Venezuelan media and his enemies among the officer corps of the Venezuelan military. In … Read more

Elections are not about purity. They are about victory. The one thing—the only thing—Republicans should concern themselves with is defeating whatever Democrat is nominated. That’s it. All else is a waste of time and silly moral posturing. It does no good at all to claim some sort of high ground that enables you to preen … Read more

The liberal, secular world is all about sex, all sex all the time—strange sex, weird sex, queer sex, group sex, lesbian sex, sex and the city, sex with pills, sex with condoms, sex on TV, sex with toys, sex in the movies, sex in advertising, sex on stage, sex in videos, sex on the internet, … Read more

There has been a recent spate of things written here, there and everywhere about real boys and real men. It is a reaction to the feminization of the male that has infected American culture. These days boys are to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and drugged into stupor and men are to be taught … Read more

I wrote most of the words below on my last day in Buenos Aires where I lived and taught for ten years. That was scarcely four summers ago yet it seems so many more—a lifetime in fact, light and shadow from another world. The cost of putting them into my heart has been exorbitant but … Read more