Archives : Oct-2007

When somebody tells you that Americans aren’t liked overseas you may at your whim laugh or ignore him. We were never liked overseas. Never, that is, by what passed for the ruling elites of the day. They always disdained and despised the young Americans. They still do. Anyway, the only proper response to such a … Read more

(Updated below)  Some Catholic bishops have been busy of late. Have they been hearing more Confessions? Giving more Masses? Speaking out more against abortion? Working to eliminate sodomy from Catholic seminaries? Preaching more homilies against Sin and Hell? Not exactly. They have been busy assisting millions of felons to live in this nation illegally. They … Read more

There is much ado about some sort of looming World War III. Or World War IV. Or V. It depends upon who is doing the counting. It seems that right now in the Middle East there is developing what political scientist geeks call a ‘correlation of forces.’ One writer even tossed in some Biblical prophecy … Read more

At 54 I am subject to the usual ills that men my age experience. Injuries take longer to heal, energy levels are not what they once were, new pains make themselves known. I am not complaining, merely describing. Such things are of course more than offset by the wisdom that comes with—that should come with—age. … Read more

There is much nonsense all around about the competence, the efficiency and the compassion of government. To the Democrats such beliefs are sacred text. All of their plans reveal child-like trust in government—government as protector, government as nanny, government as watch dog, government as big brother. Of course those at the very top of that party … Read more

Al Gore won a peace prize. Bully for him. There is much talk around that he has now cemented his place in history’s pantheon. Nonsense. Name the peace prize winners from 1901 until today. Having trouble? Well then, name the American presidents during the same time. Enough said. We remember the things that matter and … Read more

This scenario has happened many a time: I am at a parent-teacher conference. I sit on one side of a table across from the mother and the father of some kid who is having innumerable academic and social problems in school. The parents are divorced and each sees their child every other weekend. The kid … Read more

What right do you have to reach into my pocket and grab some of my cash? Good answer: You have no such right. If you try it and I catch you…well, things will get very interesting very quickly. I would rather not call the police, if you know what I mean. Too much paperwork. I … Read more

You have read I am sure the tale of the 13 year old girl who was taken to the doctor by her mother. She wanted to play Lacrosse and so the school required a health checkup. The little tyke got more than her mother had bargained for. She was asked to become an agent for the … Read more

Much of what passes for education at the elementary and middle school level is nothing more than force feeding nonsense to kids. Much of my time in the classroom is spent unraveling this nonsense. It is not really difficult to do so. Young teens are not at all stupid, not at all bigoted and not … Read more