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My 8th grade US History class just finished several weeks spent on the Constitutional Convention and the debate to ratify the document that came from it. The Bill of Rights was a part of this. Those adolescents sitting at their desks have a clearer understanding of what makes up this nation than do hordes of … Read more

There has always been a whiff of fraud over everything to do with AIDS. From its apparent beginning with Gaetan Dugas—he of ‘Patient Zero’ fame—to the outlandish claims made about its cause and spread, very little official information about AIDS has been worth more than a tinker’s damn. Here are Scipio’s Indisputable Facts of the … Read more

I love this headline: Iran to launch homemade submarine How does one say ‘Lego’ in Farsi? Those folks over Tehran way think highly of their new toy. If the enemy makes a mistake, he will receive such a powerful second strike that he won’t be able to stand up. The Iranians also have a torpedo. … Read more

I am back from the wilds of Arkansas. Some conclusions after hanging around the home of Bill Clinton: Not all good ‘ol boys over in those parts are without teeth. Some have at least three. Never mix wine and 151 Rum and Bailey’s and Kahlua. Bears know when you are packing a .44 Magnum revolver, … Read more

This morning bright and early I and a friend are heading into the wilds of Arkansas for some rest and relaxation. This is defined as loading up the Jeep, driving 6 hours to the Little Missouri River near Albert Pike Campground and hanging out there until Saturday. We bring only the necessities of life: tent, … Read more

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the media are biased. Usually it is some Republican who bewails this supposed fact. The bloggers—at least the conservative ones—complain about it as well. This is absurd. Our media are not biased. They are evil. One did not complain about Hitler or Stalin by calling … Read more

As a callow youth pent up in high school I learned about something called ‘civics.’ This subject was about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Most of what I was taught—or rather what those heroic teachers tried to teach me—had of course little to do with the realities of American politics. One does not read … Read more

Yesterday he was a giant among the soulless men of the Village. Now he lies among the naked and the dead. He is at last with his own kind. His corpse and books will soon be food for worms. May he rest in as much peace as he brought into this world.

What is it with our government and its push for democracy overseas? I can well understand the idealism of the thing, but the usefulness of it is something else. Democracy and the republican forms of government it resembles have never been wide-spread or popular. The type of government that has occurred most often over space … Read more