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Something just struck me: As I do not watch television—and have not for 35 years—I have never seen any of the Republicans debate. I have only heard their voices from a very few selected sound bites on the internet. What I have done is read what they said and what others said about them. This … Read more

Not much merriment in the Scipio household, alas. Sen. John McCain won a breakthrough triumph in the Florida primary Tuesday night, seizing the upper hand in the Republican presidential race ahead of next week’s coast-to-coast contests and lining up a quick endorsement from soon-to-be dropout Rudy Giuliani. So if things remain as they are we … Read more

The National Organization for (ugly lesbian) Women finds itself in a tizzy. The poor dears! They are mightily miffed at Ted Kennedy for supporting male Obama over the (presumed) female Hillary. Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women … Read more

Enough fence sitting and waiting for things to shake out. I support Mitt Romney for president. I join National Review, the Romney hagiographer Hugh Hewitt as well as Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters—not bad company at all. I could write at length about the decision but it would be kinder of me to spare you. And … Read more

John McCain is getting help from all sorts of unexpected places. He was endorsed by that great paper of record The New York Times. And some guy named Bill Clinton had these soothing words to say about any election pitting Hillary against McCain. She and John McCain are very close…They always laugh that if they … Read more

It is impossible for otherwise reasonable sorts not to occasionally veer into idiocy. Unless one takes a vow of silence, puts on a red robe and moves to a Tibetan mountaintop sooner or later everyone, if even for a moment, resembles an imbecile. I know this very well, alas. Such happened to the fellow named … Read more

We need to be reminded often that what the word loves has no similarity to what Eternity loves, except by accident. The world calls some man ‘the Great,’ while Eternity condemns him to the flames. That old pagan Aristides had an inkling of this truth. Once when he stood before the Athenian assembly, the crowd cheered. He … Read more

There is an unusual amount of truth and lies out there this morning. There must be an election coming. John McCain’s mother clears things up rather well I think. Q: How much support do you think he has among the base of the Republican Party? Roberta McCain: “I don’t think he has any. I don’t … Read more

The normal lifespan of the young, rich, frivolous and famous seems to be 27 or so. At least, the age of 27 is a critical one. Many of the famous do not survive that year. One thinks of Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and a host of others who died at 27. The … Read more

Adam Smith is turning over in his grave. The author of The Wealth of Nations would cringe at witnessing the freest nation on earth frivolously tossing aside one of the pillars of that freedom, the free market. Such drivel and ignorance of economics issues forth from the gaping jaws of politicians of both parties that … Read more