It is impossible for otherwise reasonable sorts not to occasionally veer into idiocy. Unless one takes a vow of silence, puts on a red robe and moves to a Tibetan mountaintop sooner or later everyone, if even for a moment, resembles an imbecile. I know this very well, alas.

Such happened to the fellow named James G. Poulos at the American Spectator blog. Here is his most recent foray into tomfoolery.

If every Democrat in America were more like Barack Obama, the United States would be a better place. If every Democrat in America were more like Hillary Clinton, the United States would be a worse place.

Poulos has swallowed the Obama kool-aid. He has been taken in by the superficial charm of the man. This Poulos conflates with dignity and high mindedness. He has listened to the mellifluous cooing of Obama has enjoyed the sound.

The truth is that is does not matter at all whether every Democrat is like Obama or like Hillary. No matter who is in charge—a female gangster moll or an inexperienced Chicago legislator—the end point of the Democrat Party is the same—a high tax, pagan nanny state. There would be abortion on demand, a further removal of Christianity from the public sphere, special laws favoring sodomite privilege, restrictions on gun ownership, more and more of private wealth would be forcibly extracted to feed the demands of the government, and an increasing government intrusion into every recess of our private lives.

We can arrive at that dismal place on a pleasant train driven by a smiling conductor. Or we can arrive after a Bataan-like death march commanded by a cruel harridan. But arrive we will.

Between Obama and Hillary there exist no policy differences whatsoever. There is nothing to prefer one over the other except that Hillary and her husband would provide more entertainment value.

The goal of conservatism is not to get along with the Democrats but to defeat them. To lose sight of that because a rather charming fellow speaks for them is to concede defeat before battle has been joined.

It matters not at all who heads the party. The thing is evil in its entirety.

(Update: Mr. Poulos eloquently responds.)