Enough fence sitting and waiting for things to shake out. I support Mitt Romney for president. I join National Review, the Romney hagiographer Hugh Hewitt as well as Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters—not bad company at all.

I could write at length about the decision but it would be kinder of me to spare you.

And Rudy? Really, the man is simply too much: cross-dresser, gun control advocate, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and possessed with an amazingly messy personal life—messier even than my own was, though I am not running for anything. He has promised to appoint conservative judges, but one’s future promises are based on one’s past promises. How about Rudy’s promises to his ex-wives? Attorney General, perhaps. But I would rather not have as the US president someone who has appeared like this:


That is Rudy on the right, as far as I can tell.

And Huckabee? As a nation we have already shamed ourselves—twice—with an ‘aw shucks,’ pretend Christian, ex-Arkansas governor, rock and roller, big government tale bearer. Do we really need to go there again?

And McCain? You have heard all the arguments pro and con about him and will make up your own minds accordingly. The thing that no amount of spin can remove is McCain’s persecution of the Wisconsin Right to Life committee. He went out of his way to deny it the right to run anti-abortion ads before the election of McCain pal and absolutely gung-ho abortion advocate Russ Feingold. McCain also supports federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

If a Christian must stand somewhere he must stand in favor of life. To vote for a man who has persecuted those who fight against abortion is something no Christian could ever do.


In Florida we have this telling piece of info:

Romney leads 42% to 22% among conservative voters while McCain leads 43% to 25% among moderates.

Is there something more that need be said?