The National Organization for (ugly lesbian) Women finds itself in a tizzy. The poor dears! They are mightily miffed at Ted Kennedy for supporting male Obama over the (presumed) female Hillary.

Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard.

That last phrase simply pours out irony. One need ask how hard Mary Joe Kopechne was hit. A slam dunk perhaps.

And what of Ted’s all consuming support for abortion? This grisly procedure is the real Kennedy version of ‘no child left behind.’ We see that somewhere around 50,000,000 children have been consigned to the Planned Parenthood dumpsters since Roe. We can safely guess that 25,000,000 of these little pieces of humanity were girls.

Who speaks for them? One day the Carpenter surely will. What will Ted say when he meets Him? What will those who took the lives of those girls say when they meet Him?

And what of Ted’s treatment of his first wife? What of the alcoholism and serial adulteries? Who speaks for that sad woman?

There is no justice in the here and now except by accident. Men like Ted and Bill do whatever they want to women with no fear at all of retribution.

Alcoholic and gluttonous Ted is 75. He certainly is not long for this world. Perhaps a moment after his departure he will be greeted by Mary Joe and those 25,000,000 babies.