Not much merriment in the Scipio household, alas.

Sen. John McCain won a breakthrough triumph in the Florida primary Tuesday night, seizing the upper hand in the Republican presidential race ahead of next week’s coast-to-coast contests and lining up a quick endorsement from soon-to-be dropout Rudy Giuliani.

So if things remain as they are we can perhaps look forward—actually, ‘looking forward’ does not sound quite right—to a McCain / Giuliani ticket? A liberal, conniver, backstabber and liar matched with a cross-dresser, gun hater, abortion supporter and sodomy lover? Of course, the other guys are just slightly worse—an amazing statement.

As was said by the Roman Senate after it received the news of the Battle of Trasimene, “We have suffered a great defeat upon the field of battle.”

And this is the best that Republicans can conjure up. My, my are we not impressive? We have turned over the party of Abraham Lincoln to mountebanks, supporters of sexual perversion and scoundrels. Once we Republicans were dedicated to an end to human bondage, and forced this nation into a great war to end that evil.

Now we dither and compromise with the other side on exactly how much of the economy to turn over to the government’s noisome minions for the glorious benefits of ‘free’ health care. Both sides work to leave our southern gates open to the depredations of any wandering Mexican bandits. Both sides work to seize ever more of our income to finance whatever whim strikes the fancy of the ruling class. Both sides would enjoy appointing judges who view infanticide as just another of the forever increasing rights suddenly discovered in the Constitution.

Between a Democrat Tweedledee and a Republican Tweedledum, what exactly is there to choose?


It is not at all difficult to imagine that the Republican McCain would find a comfortable fit at the head of the Democrat ticket. We seem to forget that John Kerry considered McCain for the vice-president slot in 2004—what a fine match, made in Heaven or thereabouts! After all McCain had described Kerry  as worthy of “unbounded respect and admiration.” The voters thought otherwise.

Our great Republic, founded through the exertions of giants like Hamilton and Madison and Jefferson and Washington, labors mightily to select its president and the leader of what was once called the ‘free world.’ And the result is creatures like McCain and Hillary.


It is true that in politics one week is as a year and there is much voting, maneuvering and slander yet to accomplish. It might just be possible for the party of Lincoln to rid itself of the creature who won Florida.

Like Henry II asked about Becket, “Will no one rid us of this troublesome pest?”

(Update: Brother, if you thought I was upset, read this. In fact, I wish that I had written it.)

He’s going to win the big, left-leaning states on Tuesday. Huckabee will stay in and deny Romney a one-on-one contest for GOP voters that Captain Amnesty would almost certainly lose. The result: More wins for He Who Must Not Be Named, and fewer wins for Romney—regardless of delegate count.

Florida has launched the one ship that Romney’s money and Rush Limbaugh cannot stop: The U.S.S. Inevitable. It’s gonna happen. Even if there were a realistic pathway to stop him, the media have seized control of the process now and are declaring him inevitable. He is, after all, the favorite son of the New York Times.

So it is over. Finished. In November, we’ll be sending out our most liberal, least trustworthy candidate vs. to take on Hillary Clinton—perhaps not more liberal than Barack Obama, but certainly far less trustworthy.

And the worst part for the Right is that McCain will have won the nomination while ignoring, insulting and, as of this weekend, shamelessly lying about conservatives and conservatism.

You think he supported amnesty six months ago? You think he was squishy on tax cuts and judicial nominees before? Wait until he has the power to anger every conservative in America, and feel good about it.

Every day, he dreams of a world filled with happy Democrats and insulted Republicans. And he is, thanks to Florida, the presidential nominee of the Republican party.

And on that note, I’m off to climb into a bottle of Bushmill’s. It’s going to be a LONG nine months.

All those deluded Christians who voted for Huckabee because they thought him an Evangelical, have managed to place near the presidency a man who despises Christians and persecutes pro-life folks.