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Some 30 years ago I was a callow lad in his 2nd year of college. I got there after a misspent youth that needed four years in the US Air Force to straighten out. I majored in History, that great discipline that lists the past crimes and dreary evils of man. Done correctly—and matched with a … Read more

Every adult is familiar with the belief that kids today are worse today than those of yesterday, and that no doubt that kids of tomorrow will be worse yet, demons from Hell most likely. I give you these words that summarize the position with great clarity. Injurious Time, What Age escapes thy curse? Evil our grandfathers … Read more

In the middle of this interminable campaign, it is well and good to remember a man who ennobled the grimy and petty world of politics. No man or woman running today could equal the rhetoric, the writing and the accomplishments of Ronald Wilson Reagan. Many today claim his mantle but none could wear it. He … Read more

Get ready, for tonight the Beautiful People of Hollywood will assemble to award their own with the modern version of the Golden Calf. Yes, it is Oscar night for the marvelous, the fabulous and the beautiful. Even as I write these words they are in preparation for their Big Event. Why, some have been getting ready by months … Read more

Here is a nightmare for you. Obama wins the presidency with the backroom conniving of Hillary. She pledges not to make a mess of the Democrat convention if she gets a promise of a Supreme Court seat. Thus appeased, she will then continue to infect this Republic until she assumes room temperature. But wait: There … Read more

The New York Times has acted like…The New York Times. That declining rag made hay about allegations of improper behavior by Republican tough guy John McCain. This, after endorsing the tough guy for the Republican nomination. So how does tough guy John McCain respond to these allegations of adultery? He almost goes all weepy like a fine … Read more

The real news is not about Obama. It is not about McCain. It is not about Hillary. In fact, the real news is not about current politics at all. The real news is contained in this headline. US missile hits spy satellite From another report comes this. The USS Lake Erie, armed with an SM-3 missile designed … Read more

What is it with this fad, this Barack Obama? The man is a mere trifle. His appeal has nothing to do with what he says. If you examine his agenda, it is completely ordinary, highly partisan, not candid and mostly unresponsive to many pressing national problems. In other words, his views are standard Democrat Party pabulum. … Read more

We talk today of a ‘clash of civilizations,’ meaning the war between Islam and the West. Such wars always offer visions of an existentialist, Armageddon-like struggle to be fought until one antagonist disappears from history. In the 20th century we can say that the wars against Nazism and the Soviet Union were such. The nature … Read more

You know the script. You have memorized the routine. So let’s get to it. Steve was the most gentle, quiet guy in the world…He had a passion for helping people. Yes, this is the gentle soul who shot to death seven pieces of humanity at Northern Illinois University. The very best that could be said … Read more